After the Baler Fire

This morning I actually got up earlier than usual and walked across the road to get a better look at the baler that caught fire last evening. I really hope that the owners have good insurance on it.

Although we, or I didn’t think about this happening, Tom never wanted to buy his own baler. He didn’t want to do the upkeep and now I think we are both glad that we don’t have one. I would freak me out if it caught on fire while baling or just sitting there. I am not sure if this one was still attached to the tractor when it caught fire, or had already been disconnected. I am just glad that the grass and other bales didn’t burn any worse than they did. And I am glad that no one got hurt. At least I haven’t heard that anyone has.

June 25 What's left after the fire (9)June 25 What's left after the fire (8)June 25 What's left after the fire (7)June 25 What's left after the fire (3)June 25 What's left after the fire (2)June 25 What's left after the fire (1)

The grass wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. Bad enough. I don’t know how many bales can’t be baled this year. I do know that there was at least two bales burned.

June 25 What's left after the fire (4)June 25 What's left after the fire (5)

Some of the bales already done and two of the many wind rows. June 25 What's left after the fire (6)

Our house about 1/4 mile from the fire. Give or take a few feet.

June 25 What's left after the fire (10)

Stay Safe and God Bless!


Excitement Around the Farm

Sometimes there is a lot of excitement around the farm. Sometimes it is not the right kind of excitement. About 7:15pm or so we went out to check the horse tanks and give a few treats. Tom said something I didn’t quite catch and I looked across the road to the hay ground where the neighbors had been putting up hay. Their hay baler and two or three bales of hay was on fire. A strip of a wind row was burning and another neighbor on our east side was trying to beat out the flames with a cloth. Tom went for our ATV and water tank. Thankfully he had put it on earlier in the spring. We usually take it off for the winter months to store it in the garage. A fire truck got to the same spot right as Tom got there so he didn’t have to use much water.

Surprisingly not to many fire trucks came. They kind of seemed a little disorganized. Maybe there were other fires to put out. I hope not. I hope this bunch will stay long enough to make sure it is all out for the night. It is not real dry, but it has been a few days since it has rained. And thankfully it was not windy like it was a few days ago. Otherwise I would be really worried about it spreading.


Someone in the tractor tipped over one of the bales and it burst into bigger flames. Tom thought that it would help put out the fire if they could get it spread out.

They did finally get it out and was gone by about 9pm or after.  Enough excitement for me for a few days.

Stay Safe and God Bless!



Pet Resort Throws Pool Party For Shelter Dogs To Get Them Out Of Their Kennels For A Day | The Animal Rescue Site Blog

What a cool idea! A Pet Resort! Didn’t know they had them. Lucky dogs. Looks like everyone, two legged and four legged had a great time.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

The pool area is designed just for dogs – with a pool that’s just 18 inches deep, water-side decks, and a waterfall.

Source: Pet Resort Throws Pool Party For Shelter Dogs To Get Them Out Of Their Kennels For A Day | The Animal Rescue Site Blog

Not My First Post, But…

This is not my first post as many of you know. I am trying to get back into blogging a little more regularly than I have been. I haven’t been as motivated as I was in the beginning. I was never very regular, but I tried to post more than I have the last few months. Life truly does get in the way sometimes. And having some depression problems does not help.

I started blogging in October of 2013 to kind of help get my mind a little more on track. Or just to kind of help myself remember things going on in my life. Not all of them are good, but most are. Of course I realize that everyone has that problem. I do not always remember things as they really happened and if I don’t write things down when I should, I do get things mixed up in my head. But, for the most part things in my blog are true. Or at least as true as I remember them. 🙂

This all probably sounds really weird, but there is a method to my madness. Or however the saying goes. To help me get motivated again, I am trying out the Learning the Fundamentals from the WordPress Blogging University. This is lesson one (a day late) and this is my post.

I have made a lot of blogging friends and have gained a lot of new followers. I have not been able to keep up with everyone that I am following, but I will try and do a little catch up later. I appreciate all of you who read, like, and follow my blog. I did not imagine it would be as popular as it seems to be. Thank you all. Thank you Thank you!

I also would like to earn a little money from my blog, so if I decide to keep blogging I may have a few ads on my blog. So please try and not get too annoyed.

I think I have rambled on enough so,

Stay Safe and God Bless!


Little Dog In Wheelchair Lives Life To The Fullest – Petcha

Wow! I love this little dog! I need to bottle his energy and good living mentality. I think we could all take lessons from him. 😀

Stay Safe and God Bless!

Albert the rescue dog may be small and in a wheelchair, but he is mighty. He doesn’t let the fact that his hind legs are paralyzed stop him from living life to the fullest. “I don’t think Albert realizes that he’s different,” his owner, Jill Lawson, told “He lives in the moment, which is […]

Source: Little Dog In Wheelchair Lives Life To The Fullest – Petcha

Wild Donkeys

I hear that Trump is pulling funding on keeping these beautiful creatures safe and wild. This means that they will be going to slaughter. And probably the rich greedy ranchers who are illegally using the public land will have a hay day hunting and shooting these horses and burros. Please help spread the word and help save these beautiful horses and burros.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

Source: Wild Donkeys

Veterinarian Croons Elvis Classic To Anxious Dog Before Surgery – Petcha

I am so grateful to have two wonderful veterinarians that work with all my animals. I am not sure if they would sing an Elvis Presley song before surgery, but if they did it would be great! 🙂

Stay Safe and God Bless!

Going to the vet can be a scary experience for dogs, especially young ones. Little Ruby was anxious before her spay surgery the other day at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado. To help relax the fearful pup, Dr. Ross Henderson took out his guitar, crawled into the kennel with Ruby and crooned Elvis […]

Source: Veterinarian Croons Elvis Classic To Anxious Dog Before Surgery – Petcha