What to Blog, that’s the Question

I am so new to this and I have no idea what I am doing. Sometimes I would like to write, but my mind doesn’t always stay in on place. I think of lots of things. Some things I really don’t want to think about. Some things I want to think about, but then something else pops into place then I start thinking on that. I lose track of what I want to originally write about.

I am going to try and write about whatever pops into my head at the time I want to blog. Maybe I will ask someone to give me a subject to try and think about. Maybe I will just let my blog be a sounding board for someone who wants to let off steam. A few rules will apply to this scenario.

1. If you have a person you want to complain about, you can’t use their real name.

2.If you really feel like you have to swear, please don’t use anything worse than damn. I will delete your comment or rant if you do.

3. If you have someone you want to say something nice about, or to, I think it is best to use an alias as well. Unless you are VERY sure that person will not care if their name is seen by anyone reading the blog.

I will add a few more rules if, or as they are needed. I want this to be an enjoyable blog for anyone to read. I really hope to keep it interesting.

Your input is always welcome. Thank you!

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