Writer’s block

I have been trying to think of a good subject to blog about and have come up with a complete blank. I like so many things. Maybe it is due to a bad two or three days. My son has had to move back in with us and, I hate to say it but he is wearing out his welcome. He has been here since February of this year. And not been saving much, which was why I let him move in. He had to change jobs right before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays last year. He did get another job before Christmas. His lease was up in February and he had to let his apartment go due to less hours in the new job. Against my better judgement I let him move in. My mother instincts kicked in I guess. My husband said I didn’t consult him first, but I did say something to him. Of course he probably figured I’d do it anyway.

The other thing is he doesn’t have a car right now either and I am driving him back and forth to his job, which happens to be about a 25-30 minute drive one way. On the days he only works four or five hours, I just stay at the HyVee where he works. Or sometimes find other things to do. I do get some reading done. I haven’t had time to read like I used to. And HyVee has a nice eating area and good food. On the days he works six or more hours, I do drive home. I can only spend so many hours in town. Takes a lot of gas, but I like our farm. It is quiet and the closest neighbors are about a quarter mile at the least from our house. I grew up in the city, and I do not miss it. It has changed so much since my childhood days. And not always for the better. I won’t hardly drive through my neighborhood that I grew up in in the daytime. Let alone at night.

Well I found something to write about. I hope I haven’t bored anyone to tears. I will try and make the next posting happier. Or at least more interesting. Hope everyone has a good day or days until my next post. Stay safe and God bless all of you.

2012 Calves June 26 This is one of our calf crops with their moms. Thought I would add a country pic.

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