Update on the Coyote and Chickens

Well, the chickens have been shut up for several days again. The California White is bad about flying out. She always has. So far she hasn’t gotten eaten. When the last hen was taken, she had the sense to go to the horse pen and hide out at the base of the hay bale. At least that is where I found her. The rest had gone into the chicken house.

There has been no sign of the coyote since it got the last hen. The dogs are always barking at something so it is hard to know if they are seeing the coyote or not. Sometimes I think they are barking at ghosts. Or just shadows. I rarely see what it is they are actually barking at. Our coon hound mix had shown a lot of interest around the lagoon yesterday. I took the shotgun out and looked around but couldn’t see anything. My husband said there was a rabbit inside of the fence surrounding the lagoon, so that may have been his interest.

I had said that we had one chicken that was ailing and we were trying to decide whether to dispatch her or not. Well, we had no choice last night after we had come home from a Lions Meeting. She was down and barely breathing. We took her out of the hen house and shot her. Rather my husband shot her. She wasn’t going to make it through the winter anyway. She was doing okay as long as it was fairly nice and not too windy. But after the cold front moved through, she took a turn for the worst.

We thought about putting one chicken in a dog cage and using her for bait to try and draw out the coyote, but I think we have decided not to do that. This coyote is very smart and is just biding his time until we decide it is safe enough to turn the chickens out again, or it has moved on, or found something else to eat for awhile.

Well, that is pretty much all I have for this post. Stay safe and God bless all of you.

Your input is always welcome. Thank you!

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