Farm Dogs and Thunderstorms

Hi all, I am back. I have been wanting to do a new post for the last couple days, but I have been busy, tired and not in the mood to do it. Usually I think of it about 10 or 11pm. Now I am going to finally get to it now. And it is only 8:30pm!

We have four dogs. Two are bigger dogs weighing about 75 or more pounds each. One is a Lab mix. I think he has some Pit Bull in him. Not for sure. He is about five years old. We got him from the local animal shelter after our other Lab/Brittany mix finally had to be put to sleep. The other dog is a Coon mix. Not sure what he is mixed with. He is about five years old too. Bear, the coon/mix showed up here as a stray when he was about one year old. He was “playing” with my chickens. He didn’t hurt any of them. He likes to herd them around. Normally he would have gotten dispatched for bothering my chickens, but since he didn’t actually hurt them, and he was so friendly and wanted attention, I decided to give him a chance. He is a good dog and can’t get enough attention. He always seems to want to please. But he has a tail that will bruise your leg or anything else it hits. It feels like a whip and switch all in one.

Bear Patches and Bear

The other two dogs are smaller. One was a freebie. She weighs about 20 pounds. She is half Yorkie and half Miniature Eskimo. She has the Yorkie hair and the Eskimo size. The last one is a Miniature Dachshund and weighs more than she should. Kind of like me. And I even spelled Dachshund right for a change! Usually spell check has to do it for me. Anyway she is a rescue dog. And she is the toughest one of the bunch.

Tom likes to hunt and thought maybe Patch, the lab mix, or rather I thought, he might make a good bird dog. Not! He’s gun shy. Well, he took Bear out one day. He can go on a perfect point. And he will hold it until you speak to him. So far so good. First shot! Bear came home on the run! Yep, you guessed it. Gun shy. Sasha on the other hand is fearless. I told Tom he should train her and take her hunting. She may not let you have the bird, but she will go get it probably. She has a fierce grip when she doesn’t want to give anything in her mouth to you. I do have to say she is not quite so fearless when she hears the coyotes sounding close. And that is because she was attacked by a pair, the male mostly.

sandy 6 weeks old nov 13 2004 003 Sandy at about six weeks old.  Sandy, Sasha on my lap Sandy now.

Sasha 10-19-2011 Sasha. She loves to snuggle. All of the dogs are lap dogs. Even the big ones think they are lap dogs. Sometimes they get to. But if Sasha is there first, she will grab a lip or an ear to make sure they don’t even think about trying to get any closer. The big ones always back off. Sometimes it is so hard not to laugh. But seeing a 75 pounder being cowed by a 15 pounder is so funny!

Thunderstorms. Everyone is afraid of them too. Except Sasha. She just snores her way through them. Or looks at the others as if to say “What’s the big deal?” Last night, or rather about 3am, we had a thunderstorm move through. And it packed a punch. The lightning was constant, and the thunder was very noticeable too. When it woke me up, there was not a dog in sight. That is except Sasha. She was snoring away on the window seat. As I said, she could care less. Sandy I think was under the bed. The big dogs were in the closet. They have found that it seems to be the safest place to be during storms. Unless of course you get up to go to the bathroom. I heard Tom yell at them, Patch at least, when they followed him in and just about knocked him over trying to get as close as possible for protection. Actually it was Tom’s yell that woke me up before I heard the thunder and rain. We only got about 1/4 of an inch. It sure sounded like it was going to be more. And look what I found by one of our drain spouts this morning. Only Snow patch Nov. 20,2013 A pile of sleet. And the funny thing is that it was the only pile anywhere in sight of the house.

I don’t like the heat of summer. I like it nice and cool. Sweatshirts and jeans. Fall and Spring. I don’t like the bitter cold either. I am not ready for winter. We are supposed to have a winter mix the next day or two. I am hoping we will get snow as opposed to any freezing rain. I will take snow any day to ice. Maybe my next post will have some interesting pictures.

I guess I kind of got away from the thunderstorm. Oh well. As I said in my first post, I get side tracked easily. My mind goes in several different directions at once sometimes. I think I have ADD, or ADHD. Whatever it’s called, it’s annoying sometimes.

Guess that is it for this round. Stay safe and God bless!

4 responses to “Farm Dogs and Thunderstorms

  1. Yes, she did change as she got older. And she has had a few haircuts as well. I am not sure if that had anything to do with it. She is nine years old now. Maybe that is why as well.


  2. Hello Roma, thank you. I do have a good family of dogs. And like most kids, the dogs can be a pain in the rear too, but I love them to death and would miss them if they weren’t here. Glad you liked my post. Hope you will read more.


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