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Well, the freezing rain came in Thursday afternoon as predicted. I didn’t have a problem getting my son to work, but after sitting in HyVee for about six hours that evening, my car was covered in ice. We finally got it cleaned off enough to start home. It is about a 30 minute drive in good weather. With it still lightly raining and freezing, it took us about an hour I think. I don’t like to  drive too fast in this kind of weather and it amazes me that people were passing me. I was probably risking it by driving 60-65 as it was. We live on county roads but they were in a little better shape than the highway was.

We stayed below freezing until today, Monday. I have been cold all weekend. I like the cooler weather much better than the heat and humidity. But, I do not like the COLD any better than the heat. Today we got up to 35 or so. And the sun came out off and on. It is pretty bad when you are glad to see 35. It was warmer than it has been the last three days.  I think I finally thawed out some. And my horses and donkey look a little happier too. The cows and calves have survived too. All is well.

Now; my computer. I am still waiting on the shipping box and label to come so I can send in my computer to be fixed, or more likely to be replaced. I booted up my old computer and it is working okay. It is a little slower than my new one and I am a little impatient with it, but it is better than nothing. My last post was from my Nook HD+. I forgot to check and make sure it actually got posted.  I miss my faster computer. Oh well. Life’s a beach, right?

I was going through some of my pictures on this old computer that I thought I had already put on my new one. But I hadn’t because I have been looking for them. I will add a few from another ice storm we had here about five years ago. I think it was 2007.

Dec 12 2007 Dec 9 2007

Ice trees 12-07 Ice fence 12-07 Dec 12

We did lose power during this ice storm for six days. Thankfully our water heater had a gas pilot so we had hot water for warm showers. And a wood burning fireplace for heat. We did finally get a hold of a generator about four days in. And of course we had only two dogs then, but as I said before they are lap dogs. I love you Mom during ice storm.This is Sandy and Patches. Between them and another blanket or two, we all stayed cozy.  Well, until next time:

Stay safe and God bless!







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