Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful…

Not really, but it is very cold. At least for me, and the fire is so delightful. We have been burning our fireplace off and on for the last couple of weeks. I love the fireplace but I do get too warm sometimes. I sit around in short sleeve shirts and my husband has two or three layers of clothes on and sits in his chair closest to the fire.The only bad thing about the fireplace is that it is in the living room with the thermostat. That means the bedroom and bathrooms are pretty cold after a few hours. But I do prefer it cooler at bed time since I get too hot easily. Last night though I was so cold I turned on a heater in the bedroom before going to bed.

The wind has been blowing 10-15 miles an hour on some days and it has been very cold. One night it was supposed to get down into the single digits with the wind chill. Too cold for me. I am reminded that I hate the cold as much as I do the heat of summer. I don’t hate too many things as it is not very Christian to do so, but I do hate things sometimes. I am consoled to know that when I get to Heaven I will be the perfect temperature at all times.

I was listening to a cd the other day by The Baldknobbers of Branson Mo. It spoke of our mansions in the sky. I had to smile and wondered if mine would look like a barn, or farm house,  and I would never have to clean it. It will never get dusty! Amen. I for one cant’ wait for that!

My granddaughter’s birthday was earlier in the week and she wanted to go see Disney on Ice. We went yesterday and it was a beautiful show. But they sure know how to rack up the prices. She wanted a cup with one of the princesses on it with a sno cone. $12! They had another one that lit up and was microwavable, $15! Tickets alone were $21 each. That wasn’t so bad for me, but I thought it was pretty pricy for a ten year old. Oh well, she had a good time and seemed to enjoy the show. And we had good seats. It was our birthday gift to her. That’s what counts.

I still am using my old computer and I was going through some folders that were still on it. I found two videos that I had forgotten about. I liked them when I first watched them, and I still enjoy them. I wanted to put them on my post, but I don’t have the video option yet. I can’t really afford the upgrade right now, but I hope to get it soon. I had gotten them from something called evtv1.com. I tried to find them, but they are no longer on that site. Or at least I couldn’t find them. One was about lightning and the other was Christmas lights set to move around with the music. I thought it was very cool. Telling my age there I think. Lol.

Since I can’t show my videos, I will post my favorite picture of Sandy before one of her hair cuts. The breeze was blowing and it was a good shot I thought. Someone said it looked like a fashion shot with the models hair blowing. I thought that was a good description. Of course they saw a cropped view of it, and it did look like that.


Well, I have to go and grain one of my horses that is not able to chew his hay very well. He is losing a bit of weight. Not much, but enough for me to notice a difference. I need to get his teeth filed so he can eat better. Hope to get that done soon. The vet had to have his power floater, fixed. Then the weather got a little frisky. Maybe this week I can get it done.  Maybe I’ll sing a few Christmas carols while I do it. Until next time.

Stay safe and God Bless!

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