I Am On A Rant!!

I have been wanting to post for several days now. But I have been in a very bad mood the last few days. It has been cold and no sunshine for a few days. I have been tired and depressed. I do get this way sometimes around the holiday. Mostly because I have a family that does not get along. My mother is a very over bearing person and wants to rule everything. Even now in my fifties, I don’t know how to live my life. We have not spoken much in the past couple of months or so. She pushed me too far. And when she tried to get my husband on her side against me, if kind of back fired. I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to stay away from her. Even during the holidays. We all need prayer.

Next rant: I have two children, one girl, the oldest and one boy, the youngest. They are both in their mid 30s. My son does have a job. He had to switch jobs right around Thanksgiving of 2012. He did get his current job at HyVee in December 2012. But he was getting less hours and had to give up his apartment. He did move in with us in February of this year. He did not have a car of his own and so I have been taking him back and forth 60 miles round trip to and from work. Most days when he worked 4-5 hours I would stay in town and wait for him. On the days he worked seven or more hours, I would come home. Lot of miles on my car and on my backside. I am getting testy about having a third person in the house and driving back  and forth when I don’t need or want to. And now that the weather can get nasty, I am really tired of it. On the plus side of this, he did get the 40 hour/week position he applied for. Now he really needs to save for a car. We need prayer.

Now my daughter. She is a moocher. She uses me, her grandmother, her brother and anyone else she can take advantage of. And get away with. She won’t work, she uses the system and does only what she has to do to meet the criteria. I have had to cut her off many times. When she can’t get what she wants from me, she tries to pit my mother against me and vise versa. The really bad thing is she is the mother of my granddaughter. I feel sorry for my granddaughter, but refuse to let my daughter to use her to get me to pay for things she is well capable of working for.  Sometimes I give in for my granddaughter’s sake. She is ten now and I am afraid she will learn to live like her mother. My daughter is also a chronic liar. And she is always hanging around people who are in trouble or in and out of jail. She has been especially bad recently.  We need prayer.

Now, Laird Noller Ford and Gary Hardy Dodge (who is no longer in business) has been on my crap list for years. Because of warranty and recall issues.  Now Chevy has gotten on that list as of two days ago. We have a Chevy Impala, that we really like. We bought it about two years ago from Chevy. We still have the 100,000 mile warranty on it. Something has gone wrong with a gasket leaking that should be under the warranty. They refused to fix it under the warranty. Said it wasn’t leaking enough. I am mad! Now I like our local Ford dealership and Chevy dealership. I have dealt with both and have had good luck. We are hoping the local Chevy dealer will honor the warranty. If NOT, our local mechanic will get the money to fix it. He has been a good mechanic over the years on our cars that are not under warranty. He is the one who said that the warranty should be used.  He could have said nothing and fixed it in the first place. I appreciate him more for referring us back to Chevy.  He also told us that if the leak isn’t fixed, it could leak into the engine and ruin it. The whole engine would have to be replaced.  We need prayer.

My computer is being fixed under the warranty from Nebraska Furniture Mart. But it is taking so long. I really miss my good computer. So far this one, my old one is holding up. But it is slower when I get too much stuff loaded on it. I am trying hard to keep it cleaned up so I can continue to use if until my new one is fixed. Hopefully it will be shipped next week. I am very THANKFUL that someone is honoring their warranty.

Even my beloved dogs have been getting on my nerves. They want in, then out, then in. Sandy is a yapper and really lets everyone know it. Bear is always shoving his nose under my arm as I am typing my posts. But they are still my comfort when I am grumpy. And I love to go out and snuggle my nose into one of my horses’ necks. Mostly they are tolerant. They seem to know when I am upset sometimes. One mare could care less. She has always been kind of stand offish. I do miss riding her though. She has a nice gait sometimes.

Now on a little brighter note. My son doesn’t have to work tomorrow or Monday. The sun has been shining off and on today. It is not super cold out and we didn’t get the snow or a lot of freezing rain that we had a chance of getting last night. Sandy has settled down for awhile and stopped yapping. I am doing some laundry and trying to relax. My husband took my son to work this morning so I could sleep in. I love my husband. He’s a keeper.

Well, I think I am done ranting for awhile. I feel better. I hope and pray everyone has a good day and a great week. I will try and have a happier post in a few days. I should be back before Christmas. But just in case, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkahs or anything else people greet each other with during this holiday season.  But I have to say Merry Christmas!

Stay safe and God Bless!

2 responses to “I Am On A Rant!!

  1. You vent your spleen girl!!!, get it out there!!!!, sent you lot’s of prayers hope the warmth of them get’s to you soon


  2. Thank you. I need all the prayers I can get. I did get something fixed with the local Chevy dealer. And it wasn’t the $1,000 dollars the big Chevy Company wanted. It was $20. Our mechanic said they still didn’t address the issue he was talking about, but they did fix a leak. The car is running good so far.


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