Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful….AGAIN

The wind is out of the north, sleet started falling about 10:40am and the fire is burning. I am really surprised Tom didn’t get it started early, but he was doing some things outside to make sure the cattle and horses and donkey were okay. He took Brian, my son to work for me as he had to be at HyVee at 10am. He had to stop by the feed store and get some cattle stock on the way back.

It is supposed to start snowing late this afternoon. Right about the time I need to go and get Brian from work. We are predicted to get 3-6 inches before tomorrow morning. The weather just came on with a winter weather warning saying if you don’t need to get out, Don’t.  Well, I will just pray for safe travel. It is not the worst I have driven in, but it can be bad enough.

It was freezing rain yesterday morning when I took Brian to work. We passed several cars wrecked along side the road. Lots of tow trucks were earning their money yesterday. And police officers too. It was done by the time I had to go get him. I will be glad when he gets a car. I am retired and don’t want to get out in this weather. Of course I will be praying for him to get to and from safely.

Onto Christmas. I finally got my cards done and in the mail yesterday. I really had a hard time getting into the mood to send any this year. Each year seems to get a little harder to get into the Christmas spirit. It is easier when I am more relaxed. I still don’t have any decorations up or a tree. My granddaughter doesn’t get to come up very often and she won’t be here this season so I haven’t done anything about it. I always think I will get something done, but then don’t.  I did listen to some Christmas music the other day and a Mannheim Steamroller CD while doing some laundry. I love their CDs. It brightened my mood that day. I was even dancing around and laughing at the dogs because they were looking at me like I done went around the bend! I do that a lot when I am alone. I sing when I am alone too. You probably don’t want to hear me sing. I did get my granddaughter’s  gift bought so that is done.

On December 15, I took some pictures of a gorgeous sunset. Of course they didn’t turn out near as beautiful as the real thing but hopefully you can get a good idea of how pretty it was. The sky was a very pretty red.  I finally got them off my camera just a few minutes ago.

Sunset sky was so much redder than this

Facing just norhwest

I lightened this one.

Sunset December 15

I took the same pictures with my phone camera, but this old computer won’t work with it’s system. I will have to try and email the pictures to myself then put them on another post. The colors looked more true on the phone.

I thought I would post some pictures of winters past to end out this blog. Enjoy.

My mustang and my donkey. I adopted these two together from the BLM. These were taken March 8, 2011.

Lily March 8, 2011

Jenny isn't too happy

My miniature on March 8, 2011. Snow was not supposed to accumulate. Surprise!

Tuffy is really collecting snow


These were taken March 14, 2011.

Mar. 14, 2011 right off front porch

Mar. 14, 2011 Looking west of the house

These were taken December 20, 2007. This is our ditch out by the road.



These were taken December 27, 2009. The snow was about two feet deep with three foot drifts. Feeding was really a chore this day! And it was so cold the dogs could run on top of the snow.

Dec. 27 2009




Sasha, Patches, Bear, Tom Dec 27, 2009

Patches, Sandy 12-27-09

Re-scooping snow 12-27-09

I like the snow 12-27-09

Until next time:

Stay safe and God Bless.


2 responses to “Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful….AGAIN

  1. The sunset’s look beautiful, that is where the real meaning of Christmas is revealed who needs cards, a tree or presents they just commercialism. Instead of merry Christmas I’ll say “Have a wonderful, peaceful day” & if in doubt look what a show Mother Nature put on


  2. Pictures are truly a wonderful gift from God. It does make me know He is real when I am in doubt at times. And I do love the sunsets. They have been really beautiful here lately. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


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