Christmas Day Was Interesting

Hello all, I am finally getting around to posting about Christmas day. It started out not at all like I planned. But that is my fault because I allowed my mother to get involved. I had originally wanted to go some place neutral and go out to eat the day after. As soon as she found out that she was invited, it was like she thought I was ready to let her take over again. And she did.  She wanted to get together at my daughters place. That was good for my granddaughter, but that was all. I got a meat and cheese tray that wasn’t big enough. It was. I also got a vegetable tray that wasn’t big enough. It was. Then Mom complained about just about everything she could think of.

Finally the time came to come home and do chores. Thank goodness. But this is when things get interesting.

Within about five minutes after we got home I heard a beeping from the basement. It was one of the smoke alarms. I knew it was probably ready for a battery change. Only I couldn’t find where the battery went. We had had this detector changed about five or six years ago. It was replaced with a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It was the monoxide part that was going off. Our dogs and two cats had been in the house all day while we were gone, and they were fine. We didn’t think it was anything to worry about. We turned it off and it went off again. Just to be on the safe side we called a non emergency number and got the sheriff’s office and they said to wait outside until someone could come and check it out. That was fine. We had water tanks to fill and a horse to be grained. Dogs went out back into the fenced yard.

I waited on the porch while my son and husband did the chores. I knew the fire department would probably come, but I didn’t think they would come with sirens blaring and lights flashing! I heard them and thought no, no, no! Past the neighbors and around the corner. Now there is snow still on the ground and it was a nice day so things were softening up. This is late in the afternoon and it is starting to cool off some.

One truck came and pulled in and two firemen went in to check things out. One fireman came back out and tells the driver of the truck to shut off the propane tank. Okay, not a good sign. Back down in the basement to check things again. Nothing showed on their meter. Good sign. In the meantime another fire truck comes. In a way this is a good thing as they had a more up to date meter. Down goes two more fireman. Nothing shows on the meter. Good sign and they found there was a battery back up. Put in a new battery, off goes the alarm again. Now an ambulance shows up. I am really embarrassed now.

We tell them we are fine. They ask if the animals were okay since they were inside. Yes, they are fine. Okay, they leave. The firemen decide that it is a faulty sensor and get ready to leave. We have a circular drive and I told the first truck to go around but be careful because the snow is hiding the drive. He heads for the ditch and gets stuck trying to back up. And the other truck is stuck on the driveway that my son and husband had gotten  shoveled off. I couldn’t help but giggle a little. And in the meantime at least two neighbors have gone by.

Bless the fireman and ambulance people for what they do. I am glad they came out on Christmas day to help us and I am sorry they had to do so, but what an interesting time of it we had. A tow truck came and pulled them safely out of the yard and driveway and they got on there way. We have bought a battery powered smoke and carbon monoxide detector and will get installed soon. We are glad that is was a false alarm and we are all safe. At least we got a good chuckle out of the day. I just hope we don’t have to call anyone out any time soon for any emergencies.

Stuck Firetruck Chrismas Day December 25, 2013

Christmas Day Firetrucks 2013

I am hoping for a little quieter New Year day.

Stay safe and God Bless!

6 responses to “Christmas Day Was Interesting

  1. My you don’t do things by half do you, so pleased to hear you, loved ones and animals are fine (still it gives the neighbours something to talk about). Try & have a quite, peaceful new year


  2. Thanks, I certainly do hope to have a little quieter New Year. We are much for partying any more and always stay in. Too many out there drinking and driving. Makes me nervous. Besides my granddaughter is here for the night and we will do whatever we think we want to do or watch. Have a safe and happy New Year. (Or maybe you already have).


  3. Ohhhhh MAN, this was quite a DAY, lol. Thank you for giving me some comfort on my Dumb Blond Tuesday, although the fire department kinda did their part at your house on going sideways, lol. Everyone has their day, I guess. Glad you guys were all safe. Bottom line, they come when we need them, 😉

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  4. Yes, that’s true. But we called the non emergency number. But we were glad they gave up their Christmas day to make sure we were all safe. Gotta love them for that. 🙂


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