I Am Finally Back…and Grumpy

I have been wanting to blog for the last two or three weeks. But it seemed that something always seemed to pop up and make me grumpy, depressed or too tired to get logged on. I am ready for a nice easy going, quiet day. Or days.  The weather here in Kansas has been up and down. And down means COLD! It has been a hard winter for me this year. I have been feeling it in my bones a lot this year. The first week after the New Year, or maybe the second, I can’t remember, we had winds blowing up to 40 and 50 mph. The wind chills at night and the day times were -20 degrees or more. I know some places around the world have theses temps as normal, but around here it is tooooooo cold. Our animals have managed to survive and so have we. But it makes it hard for me or my husband to want to go outside and do the necessary chores. Then we had a couple days up in the sixties, which was nice except the next day after each, the temps plummeted back down into the teens or below zero.  Makes it hard to adjust. And I hate wearing layers. It wears me out just to get layered up to go outside let alone drag around hoses for the water tanks, lift bale rings and moving in bales for the cows, weanling calves and my horses and donkey. Three different bales in three different parts of the pens and pasture.  It was so cold that a man my husband works with got frost bite in his lungs. I have never heard of this. He was working on a combine and didn’t have anything over his mouth or face. He said he was lucky though. Another man was in the hospital at the same time who was a road worker. He had frost bite in his lungs so bad they were black and he may not live. I haven’t heard any more about him. I hope he will make it.

And in between all this I am still driving my son to and from work, our car broke down on the way home and our truck’s exhaust system broke lose. And we need a plumber to come and fix some things. My gelding had to have his teeth floated (filed) so he could eat and when I went to get him from the vet I slipped on a patch of ice and fell hurting my right knee. I have to admit that I parked on the ice for some stupid reason even though I seen it there. My mind was else where as usual. My daughter has moved in another man that she probably doesn’t know from Adam and I am worried about my granddaughter’s safety. I am allowing swear words to drift back into my vocabulary. I have never really quit all together, but I had slowed down some. It is one of my struggles.

On a good side, I did get to go for a short ride on my mare on one of the sixties days, I finally got another computer and I have seen some pretty sunsets going to get my son from work. I have taken some pictures and will try and get them on a later posting.

I am still trying to figure out the new computer since it is Windows 8. I had Window 7 before. I like the other one better. I have had this one only about two weeks and   had to take it back to be cleaned up because it had something on it called Conduit Search on all my browsers. It would load ads full of Malware on every web page that I pulled up and wouldn’t let me do things on my sites that I have been doing things on before. They said it was something new and I was the second or third person that came in with the same problem. They downloaded  CCleaner and ran it. That took care of it. But I am not so sure it is still running like I think it should. Maybe it is just to new yet. I downloaded The Missing Manuel for Windows 8/8.1 to my Nook Hd so I can read it and figure things out.  Why don’t they put a manual in the box? Some of us need all the help we can get with computers.

To end my post for tonight, I want to put on some pictures that I seen on FreeKibble.com. I love these pictures they have on there. Enjoy.

Beagle and Kitten

AWWW Cute Puppy and Kitten

Almost a matching pair. So cute

Don't bother my kitty and you won't get hurt.

Don't come any closer!

Here, you missed a spot

Hey! You're squishing me!

I Like you.

It's my puppy!

Stay safe and God Bless!

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