Ready for Winter to be DONE!!

Well, we made it through a major winter storm the last few days.  We had a good snow on February 1, 2014 which was a Saturday. The wind was calm and we only got about five or so inches. It was cold, but at least we didn’t have the 40-50 mph winds that brought us -20-30 below zero. We have had some winds making it below zero with the wind chills but only in the single digits. Bad enough. It hasn’t been much above zero normal temperature. But on Monday night into Tuesday and into Wednesday, February 3-5 we had a big cold snap and lots of snow. We are guessing about 10-11 inches on top of the five we already had. Our roads were snowed shut and we couldn’t get out until the plows came through. We had several drifts that were 4-5 feet deep in places. Hubby did try and make it to work and got stuck in the snow about an eighth of a mild from the house. Took him about 30 minutes to get dug out and back home. I couldn’t help saying “Told you so.” I did try and talk him out of it. My son didn’t make it to work either, because I wasn’t even going to try.  His boss had text him and said not to come in, then called back and said a truck had made it through and wondered if he could make it. I thought about it briefly, than said no way. That’s when Hubby decided to try and make it. Some farmers were getting around by cutting through some fields. They did have milk cows to get to. Mostly no one got anywhere until the plows finally came through late in the afternoon. We finally got a bale down to our cows by going around our hay field to the west of the house. Our normal route had a five foot drift that’s not going anywhere any time soon.

This is our front porch on Wednesday morning after the snow finally quit during the night sometime. We have two steps up to porch and this drift is probably about 2-3 feet deep.

February 5, 2014 Day after snow storm 10-11 inches-guessing (1)

This is further south of the porch. The bushes are about five feet tall. Our driveway is somewhere under the snow.February 5, 2014 Day after snow storm 10-11 inches-guessing (2)

This is our south porch, it looks worse than our north porch. Except the drift on the north steps are just as bad as the south steps.February 5, 2014 Day after snow storm 10-11 inches-guessing (3)

This is the sun coming up Wednesday morning. It came out kind of dark because I was pointing right at it.  Our weatherman said something about a Sun Dog, (think that is what he called it). I think that is what this is because of the glow around the sun and a spot or two. You may not be able to see it to well here, but on my computer you can.February 5, 2014 Day after snow storm 10-11 inches-guessing (4)

This is our back yard on the north side of our house. The big lumps are a row of 1000 lb bales of hay on the other side of the yard fence. They stand about five feet tall. The cedar trees are only about three or four feet tall, but the drifts between them are really deep.February 5, 2014 Day after snow storm 10-11 inches-guessing (5)

I think we are done for few days. We are supposed to get up to 29 degrees tomorrow I think. Yea! A heat wave! I will be glad if it gets above freezing and stays there for awhile. And plenty of sunshine. It did spit snow some today, but it was very light. It is supposed to snow about 1-2 inches again about Monday I think. I am praying it doesn’t. I think we have had enough for awhile.

I wanted to share some other pictures that I finally got onto my new computer. I am having a hard time getting things figured out on it. I am slowly getting it done, but I still don’t think it is working quite right. Maybe somebody who is smarter than me can tell me what they think. When I put it to sleep it will not come back in by moving the mouse or hitting a key, or touching the screen. It is a touch screen computer. I have to shut it clear down by pushing the on/off button until it goes off, then turn it back on. Sometimes it makes a loud noise coming back up, and sometimes it doesn’t’.  I do have my mouse settings set to allow it to turn on from sleep mode. I would appreciate any help on this.

As some of you who have read, and/or following my posts, you know we live on a farm. Our two big dogs do a lot of roaming the land to the west of us. It is CRP land and the owner hunts on it. After one of the deer seasons, one or both of our dogs brought home a nice surprise. Sorry, these are pretty gross. But fascinating at the same time. It was a rib cage that was still pretty fresh.

Sombody brought  up a deer prize-January 11, 2014 (1)

Sombody brought  up a deer prize-January 11, 2014 (2)

Sombody brought  up a deer prize-January 11, 2014 (3)

Sombody brought  up a deer prize-January 11, 2014 (4)

Even a couple of crows and a hawk showed up to have a little meal after the dogs grew tired if it. And the amazing thing about this shot is that it is only a few few feet from our south porch.Sombody brought  up a deer prize-January 11, 2014 (5)


And I have to share these photos of an early frost morning. Hubby and I were out doing some morning chores when he noticed this on our roof.  It’s like a frost shadow of our power lines. I thought it was pretty neat.

Frost Line imprint January 2014 (2)


Frost Line imprint January 2014 (1)

My mare checking out the camera after a short ride on one of the Sundays in January that was up in the 60s. We had two days in the 60s between cold snaps. Diamond checking out the camera after our Sunday ride with Ellen Jan. 2014


And of course my sweet Sandy. She got a hair cut and it turned out really short right before the big snow storm, so we are all covered up and cozy. It wasn’t supposed to be that short this time.Sandy is cold. February 5, 2014

I guess that’s all for now.

Stay safe and God Bless!

2 responses to “Ready for Winter to be DONE!!

  1. The colors in the snowdrift pics are beautiful. I’ve never noticed the blues before. Love it! Stay warm! 🙂


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