I am Finally Back on…

Hi all! I have missed posting. I have been wanting to do so for a couple weeks now. It has probably been longer now. But I am back and trying to remember all that I wanted so post about. This winter has been hard on me. I am usually not too cold. I love to curl up under a blanket or throw as apposed to wearing layers of clothes like my husband. I like to be as comfortable as possible. I have never liked wearing tight clothes. But this winter I have been COLD! And I think I have been eating more to make up for it. I have put on quite a bit of weight and need to get it off. It is one of my want to things from my New Years post to do. It has been cold and snowy and bundle up to your eyeballs kind of winter. Since the last big snow I posted about, we have had a strange mix of weather. It has warmed up to the sixties for a day and even the seventies. one day. I like the sixties and the seventies was nice, but it always plummeted into the single digits or below zero the very next day or even the night of the nice days. Makes it really hard to adjust. And putting on four or five layers of clothes and a face mask to keep from getting frost bite when doing chores one day and a light jacket, or shirtsleeves the next makes for colds and not feeling well. We have had some light snows since the big one, and strangely enough, one day starting at three am we had thunderstorms! Thunder, lightening and rain. Then sleet, hail and snow! All in the same twelve hours. Never seen that happen before. Today it is in the seventies again. I did sit out on the porch for awhile and worked on a puzzle. All the dogs went out and Sandy and Sasha were panting! Guess they are too used to the cold.

On a good note, God has answered one of my prayers. My son got his own vehicle this past Saturday! I no longer have to drive him to and from work or anywhere else he needs to go! Halleluiah!!!!!!!!! I am enjoying the day today in that I feel like a weight has been lifted. I even felt like going for a walk. Didn’t go far. Just about a quarter of a mile down to our crop field and back. Three of the dogs went with me. Sandy decided she would stay in the house. Sasha, our dachshund has put on quite a bit of weight too. She was getting some exercise too. Poor thing, she did do okay, but when she ran to keep up with me coming back, she had to take a couple panting breaks. But, I think she did better than I did. Lol. Four legs helps I guess.

A friend came to buy some hay yesterday and see my horses. She has some and a mule. She exclaimed that my mare was fat, and I had to laugh and say yes I know. We all need to go on a diet. I think I will try and walk about a mile now and then and take my mare with me and maybe ride some as well. My friend invited me to a benefit trail ride in early April. It is to help Meals on Wheels. Guess I need to get on the ball now if I think I will go. I am thinking I might try and make it. Don’t know if I will make it much more than two hours in the saddle, but we’ll see. She and her husband told me that they will ride in the morning for about two hours, then come back for lunch and ride again in the afternoon. They said I didn’t have to ride in the afternoon if I didn’t want to. It will be at a lake. Maybe my husband can go too and fish or something. He is not a rider. Says he don’t like his legs to get broke. I’ve had a concussion from a fall, but no broken bones. But then I was younger then too. I think my mare might do well. Or I may take my gelding. He has been on one trail ride and did better than I did. As long as there are other horses around he will do okay. We’ll see.

I think I might have mentioned in a previous post, that I finally got a new computer in January of this year. I think it is a lemon and I am fussing with Nebraska Furniture Mart about replacing it. If they don’t honor the no lemon policy, I am definitely going elsewhere  and get a better one. I like this one, and would like to keep it, but it is not working right. I have updated everything and downloaded what it says needed to download, reset it and it still doesn’t seem to be right. I even had a friend help that is way more computer literate than I am.  I am going to try one more thing and hope that works. I am going to reset it to factory settings. I really don’t want to because it is a pain to put everything back in. But whatever.

And again I need prayer about my daughter and granddaughter. My daughter has met another man on the internet and has let him move in. She did this before and luckily he left after a couple weeks. They had gotten into an argument and he hit her. Not bad, but I don’t know if my granddaughter was there or not. And knowing my daughter, she probably got right in his face. But still. I do know she checked his phone to see who he was calling. And confronted him about it. So…..  I just worry about my granddaughter and her safety. She says she likes him. That is good on one hand, but there are too many crazies in the world that start out making you like them and then turning into a monster. There has been one kidnapping and death of a little girl by a coach in a neighboring city, and an attempted kidnapping of a girl in another city close by. It really scares me. My daughter has informed me that they are getting married. I really hope she can find someone who really cares about her and my granddaughter. I just know the type of people she likes to hang around with. And she still has contact with my granddaughter’s father who is in prison. Would appreciate any prayers on this matter. Thank you ahead of time.

Well, I know there is something else I was wanting to write about, but I can’t think of it right now. I hope to stay on now on a regular basis. Hope all of you are doing well. I will try to get caught up on your posts and work at keeping mine up to date and interesting. Sometimes boring just slips in there.  But that’s me. I like getting things off my chest, and remember, I would like to hear from you and would be glad for any discussions, or tips and suggestions.

Stay safe and God Bless!

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