Spring is FINALLY Here!

Well, it is at least ”officially” here. The first day of spring was on Thursday March 20. Today, Sunday, is the fourth day into spring. Thursday was a pretty nice day except that it was kind of windy. It did get up into the low seventies. And Friday and Saturday the temperature dropped again and we even got a light dusting of snow last night. Today wasn’t quite as cold. Hubby did light the fireplace again though. Two weeks ago Saturday it had warmed up for several days and would have been nice to get out of the house. I was sick with sinus, allergies or hay fever or something. I was miserable and couldn’t even open my eyes very well. And it was so hard to breathe. I felt better after it cooled off again. And my doctor did give me some ideas what I could take on days I am outside. Living on a farm does not always allow you to stay inside when you are not feeling well. Thankfully my son helped Hubby to do the chores that Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the week was Hubby and I. I have had sinus trouble in the past, but nothing quite as bad as this. And not dragging on for a week. I think the hard winter has something to do with it. It is early for most allergies, but I had something. We had to go to a visitation and funeral a week ago Saturday, but only made it for the beginning of the visitation. I was sneezing and had a runny nose. I couldn’t stay for the funeral.

We did get out to load up our weanling calves to go to the vet for shots, de-worming, and make the bull calves just boy calves this past Friday. Hubby had set up a small pen in their paddock and was feeding them grain to get them used to going in there. We pulled the trailer around and backed it up to the pen for the night on Thursday. They had a great time checking out the truck and trailer. A few of them actually went into the trailer. But alas, they didn’t want to go in so easy Friday morning. It wasn’t as bad as getting big cows to load since they are old enough to know that some trailer rides are not pleasant usually.  But we managed to get them in after a little rearranging of the panels. They were glad to get back home though. The boys were a little sore and wanted only to lay down for awhile after bawling for their mommas. Of course the mommas did not come as they have been separated long enough to ignore the bawling. One heifer calf was in the group only for about a month and her momma came up to give us the evil eye while we were trying to load them. I think I am glad she was on the other side of the fence. It is a little concerning to have a 1000 plus pound cow bellowing in your ear when you are messing with her baby. We have had that experience when tagging them in a chute. And while trying to bottle feed a new calf because Mom couldn’t, but still wanted to take care of it. Hubby has been kicked and I have backed off from a lowered head and charge threat. I have no desire to be ground into the dust.

It is good to see some green showing up in the grass. I think the colors of spring and fall are some of the prettiest colors of the year. It is also the time of year for burning off pastures. We have seen lots of smoke in all directions. February was the month to burn brome hay fields, and March is for burning prairie grass. We really need to burn off our pasture, but it makes me nervous and Hubby can’t do it by himself. He is too stubborn to ask for help even though there are plenty of neighbors that would help. One of our neighbors to the west of us has CRP ground and he burns it about every two years. I am thinking it is about time to burn this year. The only thing is they usually burn it at night. It is a terrifying and beautiful sight all at the same time. It does make me nervous because the fence line is only about a quarter mile from our house. I will try and get some pictures and will post them if they do burn.

Tomorrow I have to take our dachshund to the vet and get her toe nails trimmed. They are getting very long and curling  under some. We have tried several times to do it ourselves but she will have nothing to do with it. She gets pretty upset and squirmy. I am so afraid of clipping to far back and hurting her. I am pretty sure the groomer will have to sedate her and probably muzzle her. Poor thing. She will be all right though. It is better for someone who knows what they are doing than for Hubby and I to do it and hurt her.

It has been so nice not to have to drive my son to work this past couple weeks. He is going to have to have some work done on his vehicle which isn’t too surprising since it is a used vehicle. I have managed to get some housework done in between blowing my nose and sneezing. And it is nice to sleep in again and sometimes wake up and he’s already left for work! Woo Hoo!

Well, that’s about all my exciting world lately. Take care.

Stay safe and God Bless!Sandy, Sasha on my lap

2 responses to “Spring is FINALLY Here!

  1. Hope you get better soon! I love your blog – and the pics. Your stories are so interesting to me! 🙂


  2. Thank you. I am feeling better since it has gotten colder again. I will have to stock up on some meds because I want it to be warmer. Not hot, but warmer. I am so glad you like my blogs. I am trying to keep them interesting. Hopefully this spring and summer will give me some great ideas.


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