Good Old Kansas Weather part 2


Well the last few days have been very interesting and true to Kansas. Friday was a pretty nice day to start with. It was up in the seventies and the wind was about 5-10 mph. We started the day out with a trip to Topeka for a dentist appointment. Then went to Cracker Barrel for brunch. Hubby had a big breakfast and I had one of their apple dumplings with a side of bacon and coffee. I think I had my calorie count for the day on that one. But it was so good! After we got home we decided that the weather was going to stay pretty decent for awhile so we pulled out all the deicers out of the water tanks, pulled the empty tank for the calves out of their pen they had been shut up in for the winter months. The grass has been greening up nicely and so we let them out into a bigger area. The cows have been shut into the pasture and I have even let the horses and donkey out to graze for a few hours with the calves now and then. Grass turning green April 6, 2014

Horses out with calves April 6, 2014

We also got ambitious and pulled out the hot wire pen to keep the horses away from the calves’ hay during the winter. The calves hadn’t quite cleaned up the last bale put in that spot so since the horses and donkey needed some more hay we shut the gate to the part where the calves are now and let the horses/donkey have all of their paddock back and let them clean up the hay. Hubby had built a wind break for the calves to stay warm. We decided to leave that in place for now. Thankfully. After we did that we sat out on the straw bale for awhile and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. My son was gone to work and it was just us two for a change. I finally came into the house and was just getting ready to sit down when Hubby called my cell phone and said the calves were out. He had forgotten to shut the gate (glad it was him this time)  while he was doing something else before coming in. I went out and all eight calves were standing in the top of our ditch right beside the road. Thankfully nobody was coming down the road. Although I was kind of hoping someone would stop and help if we needed it. You never know how cooperative the silly beasts will be. But, thankfully with Hubby armed with a bucket of grain and me with a stock whip, we got one headed in the right direction and through the gate. The other seven started in the right direction but one or two decided to change directions after looking back at me and they all went the same way. No you silly beasts the other way! I managed to get to that side and Hubby shook the bucket again and miss head heifer bolted toward the bucket and followed a fast moving Hubby through the gate. Guess I worked off some of my dumplings. It was a good day to be outside.

Saturday was quite a bit windier. And a lot warmer. It got up into the eighties which is too warm for April. The weather forecasts were for storms to move in and  then a cold front on Sunday. To get a little off the track, my daughter did finally get a job. WOO HOO! Hopefully she will keep it. She wanted to know if I could get my granddaughter for the weekend so she could work on Saturday, so I went to Topeka to get her and brought her home. It was too windy to do much with the horses, but her and grandpa looked at the old lawn mower that doesn’t mow any more to see if she could drive it around. We let her drive it since it doesn’t mow any more. She has a blast driving it around. She looks cute with her ear muffs, for noise. We won’t let her drive the ATV by herself yet so she gets a kick out of driving the lawn mower. But the battery was dead this time and wouldn’t charge up. So she missed out on that this time. So she came in and got on the computer for awhile and did some bracelet weaving with a rubber band loom. The weather did turn nasty that night. It blew very hard and lightening and some places got hail. I am not sure how much rain we had but it came down hard.  The dogs were all hiding and poor Sandy was shaking and panting so hard I was afraid she was going to have a heart attack. She gets really upset during storms. The big dogs hide in the closet. The dachshund could care less. She just sleeps through them.  She is the only one of the four that is not gun shy either. Poor Hubby doesn’t have a good hunting dog since his old dog died several years ago. It stormed all night and finally calmed down some, but it was supposed to pick up again later in the afternoon on Sunday. And the wind stayed strong all day.

Sunday dawned windy and still warm. It rained off and on and we took our granddaughter back home earlier than we wanted to and stopped by the grocery store on the way home. That was about 2pm and that is when the cold front got here. We were just getting into the car when it got really dark and a big blast of wind shot through. And the temperature dropped like a rock. It got cold and it rained so hard that it was hard to see driving. It took us longer than usual to get home. Hubby likes to go under the speed limit to help save gas. But we had to go even slower than usual. It got down to freezing or below Sunday night and the poor calves were shut out away from their wind break. We felt bad about that but there was nothing we could do after we got home because it was storming too hard.

Monday dawned very cold and windy. Hubby had to got to work, so my son and I bundled up and went out and put some of my horse panels up around the wind break so the calves could be let back in to stay warm. As soon as they seen us moving panels they came to the fence and started bawling. They knew something was up. And so did the horses. They came into the area we were trying to fence off, so we had to take time to shoo them out and finish. As soon as I opened the gate the poor calves came streaming in and right in front of the wind break. Since we were already out there I got the tractor started and put in another bale of hay for the horses and donkey. It is not an enclosed cab so it was cold! But it didn’t take too much longer and I was ready to come in where it was warm. We also got a light snow covering during the night.

Light snow Monday 9 58 am April 14, 2014

The wind has died down now but it is supposed to drop into the twenties and now be a killing freeze tonight. Only in Kansas can you go from the eighties to a killing freeze in four days. I am still looking for that perfect place where I can be happy with the weather. If any of you know of such a place, please let me know. Otherwise, I guess I will stay in my home state of Kansas. The rest of the week is supposed to get better. Although there is another chance of more rain, which we can use, and maybe a little more snow. Winter just doesn’t want to let go its grip. And tornado season is coming upon us as well. Ahh Kansas!

Stay safe and God Bless!





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