Happy Mother’s Day!

Hoping and praying everyone out there had a great Mother’s Day today. Mine was okay and I won’t bore you with the details. I don’t want to ruin anybody’s day with mine. Not that it was too bad. We had lunch and did a few things after with our granddaughter. The food was good and our granddaughter had a fun time at a new shop in our local mall with bouncy things in it. She wore herself out pretty good. I think she will sleep well tonight.

This spring has been an eventful one like the winter past. Winter didn’t want to let go it’s grip and we have had cold days, mild days, hot days and now stormy days. Our area is in line for some possible tornadoes and high winds and maybe some hail tonight. We need some rain pretty badly, but I am praying that is all we get.  But this is Kansas and it is storm season. So far the severe stuff has passed by our immediate area, but some neighboring places haven’t been so lucky. There was some fairly large hail within about a 50 or 60 mile radius and tornadoes have touched down south or southeast of us.

I did get to ride my mare a couple days in a row this last week. She hasn’t been ridden all winter and probably not since last fall. She did pretty well though, and I was a little stiff. Her only bad thing she was doing was dipping her head and snatching bites at the grass. She thinks she is starving to death. All of the horses and donkey have had free choice of a big round bale of hay all winter long. They stayed nice and fat pretty much all winter. Now that it’s getting warmer, I have been rationing it out and forking it to them from a bale out of their reach. I turn them out now and then on the grass, but I have to be careful since I have two that have foundered in the past and it is costly to get them back where they can walk without pain. The spring and fall are the worst as we have brome grass, which is a cool weather grass. I have carpel tunnel and when my mare drops her head, she does it fast and strong. I think she knows that I can’t hold her head up when she does that. Thankfully she knows when I keep tension to keep her at a walk or in control otherwise, she doesn’t run away with me. I am trying to find something to connect from her bridal ring to my saddle so she can’t get her head clear down to graze. I had something in mind but as usual I can’t remember where I put it.

I have been getting some walks in as well. Not as many as I should, but some. I was walking out to get the horses in a couple weeks ago when our granddaughter was up on a weekend and I came across a small nest of eggs. The Killdeer have been plenty this year. They like to make their nests on the ground. I think that is what this nest was. Not sure though.

IMAG0064 IMAG0065

I showed them to our granddaughter and she thought they were neat, but she was more interested in driving the ATV. She has been up the last three weekends in a row as her mother has been working on the weekends, so we are babysitting. Granddaughter loves to be on the farm I think. I know she is a little young to be on the ATV, but she is doing well and listening so far on how to do it. She gets to drive the old lawn mower that doesn’t mow any more and she thinks that is great too. She hasn’t been able to ride the gelding the last few times so we will have to try and get that in sometime later on. She also likes to help with feeding and filling the water tank. This weekend she wanted to try and fork some hay to the horses. I really should have gotten a video of that. She can’t get as big a fork full as I can, but she gave it a good try. It took her about twice as many per horse as it does me. I had to give her a big plus for trying. She likes to help grandpa do things in the small garden we have and in the building when he is working on things out there. Yesterday she wanted to go and see what he was doing in the pasture and she walked out there by herself. She cannot do that in the city and it was only a quarter mile and I could see her all the way. She has a little more freedom out here and she seems to like that.

Well that’s pretty much it for today.

Stay safe and God Bless!

Your input is always welcome. Thank you!

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