New Calf and Snake In the Chicken House!

I have been wanting to post for about 1-2 weeks now. I have not been in the mood, or couldn’t think of anything to write about. Now I have something. A couple days ago on Wednesday May 28, we had our first baby calf for this year. And a sweet little things she is. Hubby has been going out and checking every day both morning and night. Which he does all year long. That morning he came in before heading off to work and said I was Grandma again. I had just gotten up and had to think about that for a second. “Oh! Who had their calf?” Hubby said that she hadn’t been born too long. She was still a little wet and not up nursing yet. I went out to check in the middle of the day to see if we had any others as well and to see the little one. We have eight more to come. Two will be first time Mommas. I had to search quite a bit for the cow and her calf. She hadn’t joined back up with the herd yet around noonish. I finally found them tucked away in the trees and brush. I wasn’t too sure if Momma would let me get too near. But she wasn’t too worried as I am around some. Not as much as Hubby, but she has watched me pet her last calf from last year and one of the young Mommas to be from two years ago that was a bottle calf.

First new calf of 2014 Jetta's Heifer May 28 (1) First new calf of 2014 Jetta's Heifer May 28 (2) First new calf of 2014 Jetta's Heifer May 28 (3) First new calf of 2014 Jetta's Heifer May 28 (4) First new calf of 2014 Jetta's Heifer May 28 (5)  Sorry the pictures didn’t come out to well. The calf would move and then Mom would moo and I didn’t want to trip and get ground into the dirt. Mom and baby had joined with the herd for the night and moved off again the next day. But today Hubby said the calf and Mom was with the herd and baby was bouncing around and playing.

Now on to the second half of my title. Yesterday afternoon I had gone out to check for eggs in the hen house as usual and was looking in all the spots where the eggs can be. The nesting boxes and sometimes on the floor. And in the back northeast corner of the floor was two eggs and a BIG black snake with half of one eggs in its mouth! A screech and step back was about all I could do. It was coiled up around both eggs and I would have gotten a picture of it if I had had my cell phone with me. I got three of the eggs from a nesting box on the opposite wall and looked down and the snake was uncoiling so I made a hasty retreat to the house and screeched again as I walked through  the door. Hubby and son looked at me like what is wrong now. “Snake eating an egg!” By the time we all went back out it had crawled up underneath the cover of the nesting boxes over where it was on the floor. Hubby thought if he could get it out and take it off, it would go else where. But he said if it got up where it could get around something it wouldn’t budge. And he wasn’t going to reach in bare handed. We left it alone until time to shut the chicken house up for the night. When we checked then the snake was gone. This morning Hubby came in and said Malfoy was back. Great, now he’s naming the thing! I said it was too bad neither of us spoke Parsal tongue. I don’t think I spelled that right and any of you who may be Harry Potter fans would know what I am talking about. I would tell it to go away and eat the mice and rats and leave my eggs alone. One hen was standing and watching it but I don’t think she was brave enough to go after it. I did get pictures this morning and it was stretched out by the little door the hens go in and out of. It was 3-4 feet long. Too big for me!

IMAG0070 IMAG0071       I apologize for these pictures not being right side up. When I put these pictures in the Cloud from my phone they came out wrong and I couldn’t get them turned the right way. But, I think you can see how big it is. It crawled outside and under the hen house and we haven’t seen it since. There is an old dog house in the chicken pen that is too heavy to move unless it is absolutely necessary. The hens lay in there sometimes and that is where I found the eggs today.  In all of the ten or more years I have had chickens this is the first time I have seen a snake in the old or new chicken house. I know they are around and we found one in the garage once when we were cleaning it out. I know that they eat mice and rats and lots of other things, but I DON’T LIKE SNAKES! And this one is too close for comfort. And too big! I am more cautious about going in now and I look up, down and all around before going in. I always kind of looked before, but when you don’t see them, you don’t think about it too much. We would kill any that we thought might be dangerous, but we try not to kill these. Mostly I have seen just garter snakes. We shall see if Malfoy is still around tomorrow. Hopefully he/she won’t find the eggs in the dog house. If it thinks we have moved the food supply, maybe it will go somewhere else.

Well, that is about all the exciting things going on around here at the moment. The winter finally lost its grip and pretty much went right into summer. Some mornings have been fairly nice, but it doesn’t take long for it to start getting hot and muggy. The humidity is just as hard on me as a cold winter. And I have been sick with another bout of sinus or allergy and apparently a touch of a cold. Hubby and my son have caught it too. There was a beautiful morning a couple of weeks ago before it started staying hot. My vet was coming out to give my horses and donkey their spring shots and after I had gotten them caught, haltered and tied up, I sat down to wait for him to come. The breeze was not too strong, but chilly. The hay ground across the road was blowing in the wind and looking like beautiful green sea waves. There wasn’t any traffic to listen to. Only peace and quiet and a beautiful landscape to look at. Those are the days I really like living in the country. And those are the days I could sit on the porch all day drinking coffee or tea and reading.

Enjoy your days where ever you may be. Look for the beauty in life and try and find a quiet place to gather your thoughts and relax. Just look and listen to the quiet if you can. Enjoy life.

Stay safe and God Bless!


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