More Calves Born…More on the Way….

We have four more calves on the ground since the first one in my last post. We had a bull calf on Monday June 2, a bull calf Tuesday June 3, another calf today that we aren’t sure of the sex yet and one of our first time mothers had a bull calf also this afternoon. Hubby wanted me to go out and look for the first time calver because he thought she was close to having it when he left for work this morning. I looked for about 45 minutes for her and couldn’t find her. I was checking and counting cows for about the third time as they were around the pond off and on while I was looking. I was clicking off names to make sure which one was missing as they will go off by themselves to give birth. I finally heard a cow bawl from a ditch just a little north of our pond and when I looked Mom and baby were down in the ditch, in the mud. We had had some rain last night and a couple days ago. Thankfully it wasn’t running with water and just muddy. Mom could get out okay, but the calf was struggling and was up to it’s belly in mud. I went down to help it out. I really should have called a neighbor to help me but I didn’t right then. I know cows can be very touchy when you mess with their babies. This young cow we petted and scratched on along with her herd mate that was a bottle calf. So she knew me and thankfully trusted me. A good thing too because without thinking I turned my back on her and put myself between her and the calf as I was pulling it up from the mud. He started bawling but as I turned to push him up the bank, Mom just lumbered up ahead of me to watch me get her baby up.  I did call the neighbor then mainly because the cow had started to eat the afterbirth, sorry I know that’s gross, and started to choke. By the time he got there she was okay. He said the baby was strong and he was nursing after I got him out of the ditch. Mom didn’t like the stranger so close to her calf, so she took it away into the trees. He said that was good. It showed she was being a good protective mother. He did tell me that I should have called him before I tried to get the calf out of the mud by myself. He told me that even the most pampered pets can turn on you when they have a new calf. He had been bowled over by one such cow. Now we have only four more cows left to calve and that will make nine new babies born this year. I really would like to see one born. If I had looked a little closer when I passed the very spot she had the calf, I might have gotten that wish. And maybe kept it from falling into the ditch.

 IMAG0072IMAG0073 1 

And now for an update on Malfoy the snake. We haven’t seen him since he crawled under the hen house. That is all well and good. I still look very carefully before stepping in. The hens are laying in the nesting boxes again and Hubby thinks we created too much distraction for him. I am so glad. Hopefully he is off looking for something else to eat. Yesterday I dumped the horse tank to rinse it out and found another snake under it. This one was quite a bit smaller than Malfoy. Only about 2 inches long. Maybe three. And a garter snake. I still don’t like any snake. Also when Hubby came home and we went out to check on the new calves today, I seen a box turtle. Those I can handle and will even pick them up on occasion. I forgot my cell phone or I would have gotten a picture of the turtle too.  I really do love the country life.

It is my bedtime and I have had all the excitement I need for today. I was ready for a nice shower after peeling off my muddy clothes and getting hot and sweaty. Goodnight all.

Stay safe and God Bless!

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