Award for 100 Likes!

 I just received and award just a few minutes ago for getting 100 likes  for my blog! Thank you, Thank you to all of you who have looked at, liked and followed me. I hope to continue to keep you entertained, or make you laugh. And try to give you links to things I find interesting and hope you will be interested too. Again many thanks!


Stay safe and God Bless!







7 responses to “Award for 100 Likes!

  1. Gelfling Grandson is publishing his post in the morning, he still talks about cattle & earrings I think they they have made quite an impression on his questioning mind LOL

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  2. I will have to check out his blog. How old is he? There is always something to learn no matter what age you are. If anyone says they know all they need to know, they are a liar.


  3. Gelflings post will be on my blog 🙂 he doesn’t have his own yet as he’s only coming up 5 if it was left to him he’d have his own site/ twitter account and goodness knows what else LOL


  4. I kind of thought he might be too young to have his own blog. They do seem to think they can have everything at that age don’t they? Lol. Personally I think Twitter is mostly a big waste of time. But I do have a Twitter account as well. Don’t do too much on it. Post some of the same links I do on my blog page.


  5. Congratulations! That’s terrific! I think you’ll ind that blogging is a lot of fun and very satisfying as well. Write on!


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