SEPTEMBER 11, 2001-2014

I woke up this morning not even realizing what the date was. I had my cereal and was drinking my coffee and checking the posts on Two posts right off the bat reminded me of the date. C-Dog& Company and Chris Martin Writes. Although C-Dog’s post wasn’t about 9-11-2001, it did have the date at the end of her post. Chris Martin’s post was about the day. After being reminded of the date I wanted to post something as well. I really don’t know what to say other than Hubby and I were at work at Hallmark Cards in Topeka, Kansas. I heard the news through other employees and went up to the front offices at my first break. They had a television on in the managers office and they were showing one of the planes hitting one of the Twin Towers. I teared up right away. Some people thought it was a joke or just some rumor floating around. I didn’t believe it at first either until I seen the news. I went back to Hubby’s department and told him. He laughed and said it was a joke until I told him what I had seen and that a plane had hit the Pentagon as well. I didn’t know then about the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. His smile disappeared very quickly. Everything grew very solemn that day.

Our local Lions Club was supposed to have an ice cream supper for members and their families that night. We stopped by my father-in-law’s to ask him if we were still going. He looked puzzled and said yes. He hadn’t had the TV or radio on at all that day. He didn’t know what had happened until we told him. He is a WWII veteran and when we told him a plane had hit the Pentagon, he looked very sad and very angry. We did go to the ice cream supper and there were many families there. Prayers were said and we did have a good time although a sad time as well.

I fear that we are in for more of similar times with ISIS going rampant. Not just for the US, but for all of the world. I pray that everyone will be safe and may we never forget. May we all ever be diligent in our watch and turn to God for guidance and peace.

Before the attacks After the attacks Survivers The Pentagon I think The Pentagon

2001 Never forget September 11, 2001 th

Memory Pool Twin Lights

Stay Safe and God Bless!

3 responses to “SEPTEMBER 11, 2001-2014

  1. Ah, Cheryll, your post brought back my own memories of that awful day. This year, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t watch MSNBC’s replay of 911 (I’m assuming they did it again; I don’t know because I gave up cable TV). Every time I’d watch the footage from that day I’d feel sad and it all just seemed so incredible that it even happened.

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  2. I know how you feel. I haven’t had the TV on today. After I realized what day it was, I didn’t want to because I knew they would have something on. And rightfully so. But I get so upset and cry and think unchristian thoughts about what we should do to annihilate them.


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