Just a Lazy Day

Hello everyone. I am just having a very lazy day. Of course I have a lazy day a lot. Today is a really lazy day. It was cool again after being back up into the 80s. It is not really unusual to be in the 80s this time of year, but it has been a cool several days. Almost cold. So when it gets hot again, I don’t like it and I am always glad for it to cool off. When September rolls around, I think of it as a fall month, and I am soooooo ready for fall by the time it gets here. I love the cool weather. I know I have said that a lot. I am sure I have posted it before. But, here it is again. I LOVE FALL AND SPRING!. I love to wear sweatshirts and jeans. I really hate being hot. But, then I really hate being very, very cold too. I’m never happy I guess. (I’m a whiner too)

I also was feeling a little down today. No special reason. Well, maybe. My family gets me in a depressed state sometimes. I love my family, and I am envious of those who have a very close relationship among their families. Mine is controlling, wanting to use and abuse anything they can get from you, and all in all ungrateful sometimes. It gets very wearing. And the phone had rang already before I was even up and around. Most of the time I don’t answer it because I have caller ID. I figure if it is important they will leave a message. I didn’t get one today.

The sun wasn’t shining today either, and sometimes that makes me moody. I love the sunshine. (when it is cool) It has a way of lifting my spirits. Although when it is so hot and dry, a cloudy day can lift my spirits when we get the rain we need. And we do need some more. Most of the farmers around us have started their corn harvesting, but the soy beans are still maturing. We have crop ground as well. We don’t actually farm, but do shares with a neighbor farmer who does all the work. We have soy beans this year. The leaves are starting to turn and getting ready to fall off, which will be awhile yet. It would be nice to get a little more rain before they need to be harvested.

My son and I transplanted a rose bush yesterday that was getting crowded out by a bigger one. So I did get that watered today. I am trying to finish a book that I have been reading for several months. I have gotten side tracked several times, bored with it at times, busy, or just didn’t feel like reading. So I read on that some today. Still didn’t finish it, but I am getting much closer. I also got the cow tanks filled before Hubby got home and checked on the horses and donkey and counted the cows to make sure we haven’t lost any. Mostly I just sat around because I think I may have broken, or at least jammed my toe this morning. It is not the first time I have hit them on something. It didn’t really hurt too bad, so I didn’t think anything of it until I put my shoes and socks on. Every time I took a step it would hurt. This is the offending rocking chair that sits by our bed.


When I took off my shoe and sock this evening, it was a little bruised and swollen. It is my little toe. I know there is nothing much the doctors will do even if it is broken other than to wrap it to the next toe, so I won’t have it looked at unless it gets really, really sore and I can’t walk on it.

I have been wanting to put on some pictures that I took on the last lazy day I had about a week ago. It was another cool, cloudy day, and I had a touch of moodiness then too. It was a good day to nap I think. I got sleepy while reading, and the dogs were all napping too. I love how Sandy looks like a little blonde fox. 🙂

IMAG0004 IMAG0006 IMAG0007 1

Patches has been acting pretty squirrely since hunting season started for doves. He is terribly gun shy. And he is part Lab! I thought labs liked to go out and hunt. And deer season will be starting soon too. So he spends a lot of time in our closet. When it storms he goes in there too. It is an inside room so I guess that is a good idea.

          IMAG0008 1

I can’t really think of anything else I would like to write about. I hope I haven’t bored or depressed anybody too much. That’s why I kind of started to blog. I can write about it, get it off my chest and maybe find someone who can relate. And as always I am open to thoughts and suggestions. Or even questions. I will leave you with a few cute pictures I like to save from the freekibbles.com web site. They make me smile and oohh and awww! Hope they do the same for you all.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

A happy pair! AWW 2 Beagle (Basset Hound) and a Cat Beagle with Kitten Beautiful Lab Best Friends Furever Can I be your friend Can I Stay with you Can we be Friends Can we come out now Did you say Food Do we have to Don't worry little Buddy, I'll protect you I Love Naps! Keeping Warm

3 responses to “Just a Lazy Day

  1. I know what you mean about the weather affecting your mood we have had quite a few grey days of late when it’s hard to get motivated, I’m coming to the end of my week away from The Workplace and don’t feel I’ve achieved a deal … never mind, all your photos made me smile which is all good 😉

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