7 responses to “WTF FACEBOOK?????

  1. I couldn’t and wouldn’t watch the video. It is disgusting how someone could do this. They are not human in my book. I wanted to get this out and maybe someone who knows these idiots will turn them in.

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  2. This story is so alarming. As a huge animal lover, I can’t imagine how someone would find this funny. It literally broke my heart to just look at the pictures. I could not imagine watching the video and having the desire to laugh. Poor baby kitty 😦

    Thank you for sharing. This was very eye-opening!

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  3. That’s why I didn’t view it. I knew it would be too upsetting to me. But I did want to get it out that FB is allowing such atrocities on their pages. I really didn’t like the title either, but it is an attention getter. FB needs to try and get these kids, adults or whoever was doing it arrested and therapy. I would like to slap the piss out of them myself.


  4. Thanks for sharing this. I, too, couldn’t watch the video, because it would upset me, but I’m glad to learn about this case. Facebook — it’s amazing what it will do to help the government spy on its citizens, and how it forbids pornography, etc. But when it comes to a poor, defenseless kitten … well, FB can’t help us there. I’m going to look into this incident more.


  5. I’m not even going to watch the video as I don’t need to view such images, Twitter allows you you refuse any sensitive offensive material being shown in your feed why doesn’t FB give you this option 😦


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