Festival and Missing Dog

I have quite a few things I want to blog about that has been going on for about the last two weeks or so. But, first I will start with the most recent event from yesterday (Saturday). Hubby and I had a good day after all the rain we have received the last two weeks. We needed the rain, but now it is getting to be almost too much. The farmers are getting into the fields to start harvesting the corn and beans. Our crop ground has beans pretty much ready (as far as I know) and it may be getting too muddy to get in with the combines. And it is supposed to rain pretty hard tonight again.

But yesterday was a nice cool day with lots of sunshine. I was able to wear my favorite outfit, sweatshirt and jeans. And my boots since it was going to be a little wet and maybe muddy where we were going. Holton was having their annual Fall Festival with lots of craft booths as well as flea market type booths and of course food. It was a beautiful day and I was excited to see two different groups demonstrating their spinning wheels, and one group was combing, carding and spinning alpaca wool fresh off the alpaca. Actually the alpaca wasn’t on sight, so I don’t know how fresh it was. Probably right before the festival as they were combing out dirt and stuff from the wool. They were supposed to have a sheep on sight and have a sheep to shawl demonstration, but it was too late in the year and too cold to shear a sheep. One person was doing the combing, one the carding, and sorry I can’t describe what that is if you don’t know, and one was spinning the yarn for the lady who was weaving the shawl from wool that was being cleaned and spun. I bought three tickets for a chance to win the shawl that was being weaved. I haven’t heard anything yet, so I doubt I have won. Pooh!

What I was REALLY interested in was the weaving. I have been wanting to learn to weave and have signed up for an online class at a craft site that offered a deal when you went ahead and ordered the Cricket Loom that is in the class. Which I did. There was a Cricket Loom at the festival, but they were just finishing a project by the time I found the booth and was taking a break. I didn’t get to see how the loom was warped, but I did talk to some of the women and found that they were local and meet every Tuesday at the Holton Library from 1-3pm. Some crochet, some weave and some may even do Bobbin Lace which I am also interested in. Whoo Hoo!! I felt I hit the jackpot! I can almost always go on Tuesdays. Holton is quite a bit closer than Topeka. There used to be a group of people that meet in Topeka to do Bobbin Lace. I don’t know if they still do. I also talked to one of the ladies that was spinning who gives weaving lessons! And she lives in the Holton area! Time for a second Whoo Hoo! I am so glad we went.

Walking on we came across a petting zoo with cute little goats that one cute little girl who was about 3-4 years old or so, proudly told me that one of the goats was a fainting goat. She was so cute. 🙂   There was also an adorable miniature donkey, a Zeboo (?) calf that was a very pretty gray, and a small Highland calf that was so cute with it’s highland coat. I was told that the miniature donkey had been for sale and was sold. I came too late! Hubby of course breathed a great sigh of relief. Actually I didn’t know they were going to have anything for sale. There was also two alpacas, two Rheas, and a big turtle to look at. Hubby finally got me away from the animal before I found out too much information about more miniature donkeys for sale. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the animals. We got some lunch, bought a couple of wood pieces and headed home. Oh and I bought a Humming bird feeder that hangs from dishes.

My fancy Hummingbird feeder from Holton's Fall Festival Oct. 11, 2014 (1) My fancy Hummingbird feeder from Holton's Fall Festival Oct. 11, 2014 (2)  They had lots of pretty ones. I liked this one the best because we have a yellow house with a green medal roof. It should go well outside. I will just have to remember to bring it in if it hails.

After we got home, we went out to get a couple of last year bales out of the bale pen in the pasture to bring up for two of my horses that cannot be out on grass this time of year. Hubby went out on the tractor and I went out with Sandy on the ATV. Patches our lab mix and Sasha, the dachshund ran along side. Bear decided to stay close to the house as he has been nearly chased down by a calf or two and threatened by a momma cow. I was a little worried about Sasha, but I stayed close to her. After getting out two bales, I shut up the pen to keep the cows and the other two horses and donkey away from the bales. Picked up Sasha and headed back to get the gate so Hubby could put the bale in the horse pen and go back for the second bale to set outside the pen. It was still a nice late afternoon so I took my shower and sat out on the porch while Hubby mowed the grass one last time for the year. I was reading and not paying to much attention to the dogs as they were barking and checking things out. Sandy was sitting beside me and finally Bear and Sasha came up to get a drink and rest while I read. Finally I became aware that we were missing Patches. This was about an hour later. Patch and Bear do wander a little and because they are the bigger of the four I know they can take care of themselves. But, Bear was on the porch with the other two. Where was Patch? It was not like him to stay away very when they were all up here. I began to wander around looking and calling him. Getting worried now, I looked up and down the road for him or his body. Nope he hadn’t been hit. Hubby hadn’t seen him either. I put the other three in the house and got the ATV back out and Hubby suggested checking the bale pen. I went down there first, and there the poor baby was trapped inside the pen. We used cattle panels so he couldn’t get out at all. He was, surprisingly laying quietly waiting for me to remember seeing him in there when Hubby pulled out the second bale. I felt so bad for him. I let him out and he bounded off for the house. Skirting all the crazy momma cows, calves and bull who had scattered all across his path home. I was very relieved we hadn’t lost him forever.


Stay Safe and God Bless!

4 responses to “Festival and Missing Dog

  1. I’m soooo excited for you weaving and bobbin lace…Whoo Hoo indeed !!!! as far as I can gather we have no such classes around here Boo Hoo, you must post plenty of pictures for me to drool over, I’m so relieved Patch was safe & sound …you had me worried there for a while

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  2. I will get pictures for sure. Just to remind me that I can (hopefully) do weaving. I did see some Bobbin Lace done at a demonstration in Holton a few years ago, and actually got to try it. It is simple really just cross and twist. It’s the patterns that worry me. I am sure once I get the hang of it I could do it. If not then I will know for sure. I learn a little easier with someone showing me and actually doing it. Rather then just trying to learn from a book. And I have a few on weaving and Bobbin Lace. I get distracted and confused easily sometimes. When I find something I like to do though, that is my distraction. 🙂 I do plan on going to the library tomorrow with my Cricket Loom and try to get started on the weaving. Of course the hard part of weaving is actually warping I guess. If you would like to check out the craftsy.com site, that is where I signed up for my class. 🙂
    And I was pretty worried about Patch too. He does not stay away long like that. I forgot I seen him in the hay pen before I shut it. I usually make sure he is out of there before I shut it. This time must have been one of those times I was confused. 😀


  3. Funnily enough I was looking at craftsy classes yesterday as I’d like to get to grips with knitting on double pointed needles, I didn’t look for weaving though so I’ll have to go back and have another look, thanks for pointing me in the right direction 🙂 Some of my ancestors worked in lace making cottage industry so I wonder if it’s in my blood or not …have you ever found an on line bobbin lace class ??

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