Aahh! Vacation…Day One

We went on vacation about three weeks ago.  We decided we wanted to do a little road trip and do some planning, and a little bit of making it up as we went along. Usually we have it pretty much planned out. We just stayed here in Kansas. There is a lot to see in our home state. For years we had wanted to go to Greensburg, Kansas and see the World’s Largest Hand Dug Well. Unfortunately we waited too long and in May of 2007 a two mile wide tornado destroyed the town, filled in part of the well, and killed about nine people. Fortunately Greensburg rebuilt and is now active again and the well has been cleaned out and a new museum at the site, and I think is open for visitors now. That is still on our bucket list to see. Here is an address if anyone is interested in seeing some before and after pictures.  http://www.kansas.com/news/article1091576.html.

This trip took us to western Kansas. Our first stop was in Minneapolis, Kansas to see the Rock City. The best way to describe it is from the pamphlet:  The rocks at Rock City are huge sandstone concretions. In an area about the size of two football fields, 200 rocks, some as large as houses, dot the landscape. There is no other place in the world where there are so many concretions of such giant size.

There was also quite a few nature trails throughout the area.

IMAG0061 IMAG0062 IMAG0063 IMAG0064 IMAG0065IMAG0066

This is Hubby standing on a concretion. IMAG0067 IMAG0068 IMAG0069 IMAG0071 IMAG0070

And me just standing,  IMAG0078  and posing, IMAG0077

There was a lot of places to sit and rest if you needed to.  IMAG0075 IMAG0086

And even stone restrooms. IMAG0080  And a nice plaque. IMAG0084

After Rock City, we had some lunch in Lincoln, Kansas and headed toward our main goal of Lucas, Kansas. Home of the Garden of Eden. If you have never heard of this place, (in Kansas that is) but get a chance to see Kansas, you have to see this place. It is strange, but fascinating. It was built by a retired schoolteacher at the age of 64 in 1907. Samuel Perry Dinsmoor was also a Civil War Veteran, farmer, and Populist politician.  And a bit of an eccentric. I will let the pictures speak for themselves:  IMAG0088 IMAG0089 IMAG0090 IMAG0091  IMAG0119 IMAG0120 IMAG0141 IMAG0142 IMAG0143

The house is made of sandstone and put together in the log house style. I did like the house. And a lot of the original furniture is inside. IMAG0093 IMAG0094 IMAG0096 IMAG0097 IMAG0098 IMAG0102 IMAG0103 IMAG0104 IMAG0108 IMAG0113

These two tables were made by Mr. Dinsmoor as well. The first one is, I think just a checkers, or chess table. The other one is a checkers /Fox and Geese game table.

IMAG0109 IMAG0110 IMAG0111

And last, but not least, here is the Mausoleum Mr. Dinsmoor had built so he could, and is, buried in. His first wife is buried there as well. You can’t see her, but you can see his body if you wish. He made his casket so that he could be viewed. Kind of gruesome, but kind of interesting as well. He was mummified and there is a glass in  place in front of the casket. You don’t have to go in if you don’t want to. Hubby and I did go in. It wasn’t as bad as I first thought, but I am glad the door was kept open!  We were allowed to take all the pictures we wanted around and inside the house and property, but we couldn’t take any inside the mausoleum. It would be kind of sacrilegious. Man, that is a big word for me! 🙂

IMAG0124 IMAG0125

We had a good time looking around the rest of Lucas after seeing the Garden of Eden. I will have to put the rest into another blog. I think this one has gotten pretty long already. I will try hard to get the rest of Day One into a blog tonight or tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the strange, and interesting pictures. I have to start supper now and check water tanks.

Oh, before I forget again, if you click on the pictures, they will be enlarged so you can get a better view. I forgot to say that in my past posts. I didn’t know if everyone knew that. 🙂


Stay Safe and God Bless!

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    I love road trips and when we lived in Texas we used to travel all over the country. We wanted to take full advantage of living in such a geographically diverse country… I had a Mercury Topaz, my first automatic car and unlike British cars at the time – comfy, good suspension for the time and air-conditioning. We put some miles on that baby. We arrived in Texas for two years with two suitcases each. On our return two years later we had a container with all my lovely American furniture – about five suitcases of clothes and my Mercury Topaz that I refused to be parted with. For the next five years I drove all over the UK in my baby searching for non-leaded petrol which in 87 was in only a handful of garages… here is a road trip through Kansas, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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