Aaahh…Vacation Day One Part 2..

We took in the rest of Lucas and it is a draw for all kinds of artist that like to create in the style of Samuel Dinsmoor.  If they could think it, they could create it with whatever materials they could find. Lucas draws about 15,000 visitors per year according to the pamphlet we got. So, needless to say they needed a public restroom, and of course, it should look like a toilet bowl, right? Right! And here it is:


IMAG0151 IMAG0152

And you need toilet paper:


And then you have to decorate both the inside and the outside. Some of it is kind of strange, okay well maybe all of it is strange. But, interesting. I have never seen wall to wall stuff on walls like this before. And I am not sure what the little dog at the blue pool in the middle of the toilet bowl is supposed to mean. Maybe you can figure it out. If so, let me know. 🙂

IMAG0153 IMAG0154 IMAG0155 IMAG0156

IMAG0157 IMAG0158 IMAG0159 IMAG0160 IMAG0161


These next ones are from the inside of the women’s stall. I didn’t look in the man’s  stall, but Hubby said it was covered pretty much all over too.

IMAG0163 IMAG0164 IMAG0165


IMAG0166 IMAG0167

IMAG0144 IMAG0145 IMAG0146

After we got tired of looking at the rest of Lucas we found the Scenic Byway out of Lucas and south to Wilson, Kansas. We passed over a beautiful lake called Wilson Lake. We didn’t take time to look it over too much. We were tired and looking for a hotel and something to eat for supper. We passed by some of the wind generators on a wind farm along the highway. I think these generators stand about 30 to 50 feet into the air. They create electricity from the wind.

IMAG0168 IMAG0170 IMAG0172 IMAG0173 IMAG0174 IMAG0175

We found a beautiful old hotel made of limestone. It is called the Midland Railroad Hotel. I am sorry I didn’t get any pictures of this hotel. It was built in 1899, has 28 rooms, and was updated for modern conveniences for today’s guests. And a very neat thing about it was that is was where the movie Paper Moon was filmed back in the 1970s. And they stayed in the rooms while filming! I was excited! We spent the night in a room where movie stars stayed!

We found a nice little place to eat supper, which was very good. This is where we decided to make up what to do next in our trip. As we relaxed in our room, we looked at maps and pamphlets and changed our minds about where to go on the morrow. We had thought about continuing on south to see a Kansas fort; Fort Larned. Instead we decided to go a little further west to Hays, Kansas. There was a museum there Hubby wanted to see.  There was a storm going to move through in the night from Colorado, so we settled in for the night and listened to some rain. Day 2 is coming up.


Stay Safe and God Bless!





4 responses to “Aaahh…Vacation Day One Part 2..

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your trip! Wow, this Lucas place is amazing! I’d never heard of it before, so I think you for the information. And, yes, just exactly what is that little dog doing, or meaning? 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your travels!

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  2. This was just a brief trip we took to just get away for a few days. Well, it actually was only two days as a storm was supposed to move through our home area and we wanted to get home before it hit. The only thing I can think of is the dog drinking from the toilet bowl. 😀 We did have a good two days off. The only thing I missed was having Sandy with us. She has traveled with us to Branson with us but she is a barker and would not be good in a hotel with other guests.


  3. Love the photos, we have quite a few Wind Farms around ours, although some folks don’t like them I have to admit I do, they are quite impressive close up don’t you think ?
    If you ever find out what the deal is with the little dog do tell 🙂

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  4. Yes, I do like the wind towers. They are very impressive. There are a few farms here and there within 20 or more miles of us that have small ones to help with the farm utilities I guess. I would like to have one for our farm, but I can’t convince Hubby that it would be a good idea. Especially in the winter when we have to run three water heaters in three different water tanks. Takes a lot of electricity just for those.
    As for the little dog, I can only think that maybe it is drinking out of the toilet bowl. Sounds good to me. 😀

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