Aahh Vacations…Day 2

Neither of us slept very well. I suppose mostly it is because of the strangeness of a different bed. It wasn’t really all that uncomfortable, but it was a little softer than ours. We got up pretty early and were the first ones down to the Continental Breakfast. It was a good choice of items and we had plenty. It was the coffee we both wanted the most. After gathering up and checking out, we left about 7:40 am and headed to Hays in a light rain.

We found the Sternberg Museum. The full name being Fort Hays State University’s Sternberg Museum of Natural History. We are so glad we went here. It was interesting and had everything from Paleontology, to wild life areas with lots of taxidermied (is that a word?) animals. Lions, tigers and bears, coyotes, moose, polar bears, you name it. There was even a display of all the different kinds of rattlesnakes. Needless to say I did NOT go in there. Hubby did and I visited the gift shop. We even had a BIG T-Rex turned his head and looke at us with a full mouth of wicked looking teeth! And then he ROARED! Very impressive!

It was still early in the day, about midday actually, and I would have liked to stayed gone one more day, and find another interesting place to visit, but a storm was moving through from Colorado. It was going to get to our home area by Tuesday night, which was the second day into our trip. We decided to head back home and make a stop or two on the way. We had heard about a big church in Victoria, Kansas called; The Basilica of St. Fidelis “The Cathedral of the Plains”. So that was our next stop. Again I did not get any pictures. I wish I had. It was a huge church made out of the native lime stones.  Here is a link to you tube that shows a little about the church:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDcyt5KZxd0 It was truly a beautiful church inside and out.

Going back to I 70 to head on home, we passed some more wind farms on both sides of the highway. We decided to stop at Paxico, Kansas to see the antiques shops it is known for. Paxico is only about 45 minutes from where we live, but neither of us have been there. Since we were passing by the exit on the way, we pulled off and checked it out. It was a nice small town, and had lots of good shops to look at. We were tired by this time, so we only spent about 45 minutes to an hour and headed once more for home.

Finally getting home at about 5:30pm we are so glad to be there. All the dogs were soooo glad we were home. Although Sandy was glad we were home, she gave me the, You left me! look while we unpacked.  I am glad we got home when we did, because the storm arrived about two hours later. The wind was really high, lots of lightening and thunder. Fortunately no hail for us. There were some areas that did get hail along with everything else. Our brother and sister in law had some storm damage on Wednesday morning in Frankfort.  And Sandy and two of the other dogs get very upset when it storms. I was glad we could be home for them. My son was here to house and animal sit, but it is not quite the same for Sandy.

I hope you all have enjoyed our trip with us. I hope I haven’t droned on too much. I do have a tendency to do that. When I write and especially when I talk. Until next time:


Stay Safe and God Bless!







2 responses to “Aahh Vacations…Day 2

  1. There was a dinosaur exhibition with a similar T-Rex robot we took 2nd Born to when he was younger ….it was amazing mind you I jumped out of my skin as I didn’t realise it roared !! Sounds like you got home just in time to be a comfort to Sandy, hope the damage at you Brothers’s wasn’t too bad

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  2. Yes, Sandy does try and stay close to us as long as possible when it storms. When she can’t stand it any longer she hides under the bed. Patch, one of the bigger ones, hides in the closet and Bear wants in bed with us. Eighty pounds is a lot to have in bed, so he finally goes to the closet with Patch. Sasha is the only one who could care less and snores through most storms.
    Our brother-in-law’s home was not too damaged, but the middle part of Frankfort was pretty much hit hard. Roofs were blown off and six inches of hail had to be cleaned up. My sister-in-law, who is actually Hubby’s sister, her car had some hail damage, but too bad.

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