Not Been A Good Few Days

It has been a stressful last few days. My son’s car has been kind of acting up lately and was heating up. He thought maybe it was the radiator since he was losing Antifreeze. He was putting in about a gallon a month. He didn’t really have the money to get it fixed, so he was doing the best he could. Well, this past Tuesday after he got off from work called about half way home and said it was heating up really bad and he had put in about three gallons of Antifreeze since he got at work that morning. He had to call a tow truck, which was thankfully part of his car insurance and pays the whole bill up to a certain amount of miles. He got off at 3pm and I had to go pick him up in Holton at the garage about 6-6:30pm. I can’t really remember what time it was. I just know it was dark since the time change.

There was someone still there, but they were getting ready to go home. They could take a look at it first thing Wednesday morning. So Son rode into Holton with Hubby on his way to work that morning. As son hasn’t been saving too much, like he is supposed to be, I was going to have to pay for the repairs and Son will pay me back. So, after I was up and around I went up to see how much it would be and get some breakfast in town after Son got on his way to work at 11am. At first the mechanic thought it was the thermostat. A few hundred dollars maybe. But, wait! It turns out to be a blown head gasket! Now I am not a mechanic, but my step dad was and I know a blown head gasket is very bad news. They could fix it and it would only be about $1200 dollars plus tax. I was NOT happy. Son needs his car and I haven’t got too much choice. I would have to start driving him back and forth to Topeka again to work. That is only 66 miles round trip. Twice a day if I don’t stay in town. Lots of miles and lots of gas on my car. The other bad news was that it would take about three days. I still have to take him to work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And the car is still not ready today on Sunday. Hopefully it will be ready tomorrow, Monday. The good thing is that Son doesn’t have to work tomorrow. Thank God! And before anyone asks, I won’t let him drive my car because he is very hard on vehicles. He has totaled one in the past.

I have almost forgotten how tiring it is to ride in the car for an hour twice a day. And it makes me stiff. I did stay in town on Thursday and had lunch with my Mom and did some running around with her. We did get along okay, but it was a little touch and go when Mom tried to push my buttons a little. I managed to keep quiet and move on.

On top of every thing else, the weekend of November 7-9, Hubby informs me that we are going to build a calf shed so when we wean the calves this winter, or rather by the end of this month, so they will have a dry and warm place to be. Last year we did get some wind breaks up, but they were still in the elements and snow. I am taking pictures and will be posting them when the shed is done. The only time we have to work on it is on Fridays and Saturdays. Those are the days Hubby is off. I was really tired this weekend as I was driving Son to work and picking him up and still helping on the shed. It was also cold and the wind was blowing from the south about 15-20 mph on Friday. And that was the side that we were working on. Okay pray with us that the car is ready tomorrow so I don’t have to take Son to work on Tuesday. I really need to get the house cleaned up for the holidays.

Until the next blog, which will be about my weaving adventure:


Stay Safe and God Bless!

4 responses to “Not Been A Good Few Days

  1. Litter boxes can be pretty daunting. Thank goodness I only one. Well, we have one in the garage too for the outdoor cat when he is shut in for the night. Hubby cleans that one. I can’t imagine how many you have. 😀


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