Weaving, I Think I Like It!

I posted awhile back about finding a group of ladies that meet at the Holton Library on Tuesdays and do different crafts that they are interested in. Several of them are weavers and I have been interested in weaving for awhile. I have signed up for a Rigid Heddle class on Craftsy.com and bought a 10 inch Cricket loom. It came with two balls of 100% wool yarn. I got started with some help from one of the ladies on my first trip to the library on October 14.

IMAG0188   IMAG0189 IMAG0190

I missed the second Tuesday on October 21 as my car was in for an oil change and spark plugs. Also our outdoor cat developed a large lump on his right jaw and I had an appointment to get that looked at in the afternoon after I got the car back.

DSCN0110  DSCN0109 He is doing much better now. The vet thought it was a bite of some sort. She had to drain it and said he was a model patient. He really is a good cat and a good mouser. He showed up here as a stray kitten one Thanksgiving.

I didn’t get a chance to work on my weaving for the two weeks between since I started my scarf, but I made it to the library on October 28 and worked on it some more. I ran out of the yarn that came with the loom and wasn’t sure how to proceed since one of the ladies said that I shouldn’t use any  other yarn with the wool. And I don’t have any 100% wool. I thought maybe I would just take it off with a little help and just have a very short first project. So on Tuesday October 28, I took the loom back and had some other yarn with me that the ladies just loved and said that I should use that. Someone else had said that it would not matter what yarn I used as long as I cleaned the scarf for the gentlest yarn, which would be the wool in this case. So, I used the other yarn and really liked how it worked up. I will finish with yet another yarn that I found. The first class lesson on weaving is called a stash buster scarf. It is to use up any left over yarn. My scarf will definitely be a purple scarf, but different shades of purple. The warp yarn is green, but you can’t see it much. Which is okay since I don’t really like that particular color of green. I was told that I was beating it too hard, but that was okay since I am just learning.


The warping of the loom is the hardest and most time consuming part of weaving. Depending on how long and/or wide your piece is, it can take quite a little while to do. You can warp it by yourself, but it is a little easier if you have someone to help you. You have to keep so much tension on the warp yarn as you wind it onto the loom. I had help the very first time I did it, but I am not sure how I will do it for my next project. When I get the piece done I will post it. See you next time. 🙂

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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