The Car Is FIXED!

Or so I was told tonight (Tuesday November 18).  Two weeks after the car was taken to the shop. I guess I shouldn’t complain. I don’t know anything much about fixing motors. I am going to take Son to pick it up at 8am tomorrow morning and he can drive himself to work. WOO HOO! I am only hoping it will run better than ever, and hopefully the next time the check engine light comes on, (heaven forbid!) Son will work harder at getting it checked out. I am really afraid of what the bill is going to be. Hopefully I won’t faint. 🙂

And now a bit of a change of topic. I posted yesterday (Monday) about the cold and getting water heaters into the tanks. Well, I made some mistakes. (What me!?) Hubby read the post and said that the length was more like about twenty feet. Not 8-10. And we left the cord in the PVC because he had glued all the ends together. Well, it does keep the cord weather proofed and is easier to put away and bring back out each spring and fall. Just a little bulky. Not that it matters. I just needed something else to blog about.  🙂  I got some pictures of how I was trying to describe it.

November 18, 2014  (1) November 18, 2014  (2)  November 18, 2014  (8) November 18, 2014  (9)

The one by the cow tank comes out from under the building wall. It is only taped around the joints with Duct Tape. The working man’s tape. We use it a lot around the farm. It came in handy to fix things a Hallmark Cards too. The only bad thing about the tape is that a curious calf getting a drink of water and sees a piece of it flapping loose, is stupid enough to work it off and eat it! Cows will eat anything. Kind of like a goat. I had four of those at one time too. I kind of miss them now and then. I can’t remember if I ever posted pictures of them or not. I looked for some to put on here, but I can’t find them. I know I have them on the computer somewhere. Maybe another time.

My other mistake was that miss sassy heifer kicked me on Thursday, not Wednesday. Another no big deal tidbit. But today she wanted to be petted. Guess I didn’t look like the crazy cow mugger today. I had turned the horses and donkey out yesterday, so they could get to the pasture if they wanted to. They were out of hay and I did not want to get on the tractor and put in another one in the cold and wind. I was cold enough in the house all day. The cows came into the horse pen and found the hay bale Hubby put in last night when he got home. I told him I was going to do it when the wind calmed down but he said it was no big deal. He is such a sweetie. So as I was filling the tanks today Jezzy, short for Jezzabella, came up to me and put her head near my leg. She stood there until I scratched her head. Maybe she was sorry she kicked me.

She will have her first calf next year.

November 18, 2014  (3) November 18, 2014  (4)

And this is our very first bottle calf, Greta.  She wanted to be petted too. She has been stand offish lately so I was surprised she wanted petted today. Our granddaughter got to feed her as well, and she got a big kick out of that. Fortunately not the one I did! Every time we mention needing to butcher a steer, she gets upset and asks us if we are going to butcher Greta. I always assure her that we are not. It will be one of the boys. That’s okay.  🙂

November 18, 2014  (5)

This is Greta’s first calf born this year. Sorry about the poor quality of the picture. The west sun was right behind him. I don’t know if you can see the hole in the right ear; to the left as you look at the picture. In an earlier post, I talked about our tagging calves and the tagging gun not working well. This calf was the first one we done before realizing that it was  not working right. The tag went in but not very well. Hubby tried to get it out again but it was stuck. He lost is several days later and it left a perfect round hole. When we took him and the other bull calves to the vet with their mom’s a couple months ago to get fixed and shot, the vet put the other one in. That went a lot more smoothly than when we tried it. Vet has a better setup.

November 18, 2014  (6) November 18, 2014  (7)

This is our granddaughter and I feeding Greta in 2012. Momma cow is keeping a close eye on me. We made sure one, or both of us were between her and granddaughter. She did finally get used to us feeding her calf and would go graze. The reason we had to bottle feed her calf was because her udder was really huge and until Greta got older she couldn’t get to the teats. I guess she just couldn’t figure out where they were. They were too low.

Zarina and Greta June 29, 2012 I think Mom's a little upset

Glenda's poor udder June 26, 2012

We did wind up butchering her for hamburger last year after her third calf had to be bottle fed for awhile as well. He didn’t take as long to find the teats as Greta did, but he had a pretty rough start. He will be our next steak and roast supplier.

Until next time:

Stay Safe and God Bless!

2 responses to “The Car Is FIXED!

  1. Hi, Cheryl! Glad to hear you got your car fixed. We’ve been having some troubles with our one car, too, and at this time of year you just don’t want to have to be worrying about a car, 🙂 You know, I find this post so interesting about your animals, farm — I’m a “city slicker” and hate to admit that I really don’t know what “farm life” is all about — and I should! Farming, I think, is the most important job on the planet! Have a great day, 🙂

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  2. You are so right about not wanting to have car trouble in this weather. We didn’t get a lot of snow, but it has been terribly cold. I am having trouble adjusting to it this year.
    I am glad you liked the post. I am a city slicker too. I have lived on the farm since Hubby and I were married 16 years ago. Well, for 15 years we lived her. I love it. Except on the cold days. It is hard to get out when you know it is painfully cold. But life goes on. It is important for people to know where their food really comes from. Not just the grocery store. I have talked to our granddaughter about where meat and eggs and such come from. She is okay with it when she understands about that. You have a wonderful day too! 🙂


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