December Weather 2014

This month our weather has been pretty up and down for December. We have had cold days, warm days, rainy days and finally our first big snow for the season. We had needed some rain for the winter wheat that has been planted. The wind has been pretty strong most days. Thankfully it has not been blowing the last couple of days. It has been around the freezing mark give or take about 5 degrees. It hasn’t been too bad without the wind.

On Monday December 15, we had some rain during the night before and early that morning. When I got up it was still raining lightly. About 8:15am the sun broke through and when I looked out the window, I seen the most beautiful, big and brightest rainbow that I have seen for a very long time. It was a double rainbow and the inside ring was so bright! I apologize for my pictures. They do not do it justice. I used my cell phone and couldn’t get it all in one shot. I hope you can get an idea of how beautiful it was for me. Both ends were touching the ground. At first I thought that it was on our property, but after a second look, only the right hand side was on our property in our crop ground to the north. The left hand side was touching down on the property southwest of ours. Be sure and click on the pictures to get a better look.  It was really huge!

December 15, 2014 Beautiful Rainbow  8-17 to 8-18am (2)December 15, 2014 Beautiful Rainbow  8-17 to 8-18am (3)  December 15, 2014 Beautiful Rainbow  8-17 to 8-18am (1)

Monday and Tuesday the meteorologists were calling for freezing rain and then snow on Wednesday night into Thursday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, there was a slight chance of freezing rain and definitely a chance of snow. I would gladly have the snow rather than the freezing rain. And thankfully this is what we woke up to on Thursday December 18 about 7:20am. A wonderful winter wonderland! And no freezing rain. We did get about 4 inches.

December 18, 2014 Snow 4-5 inches 7-22 to 7-23 am (1) December 18, 2014 Snow 4-5 inches 7-22 to 7-23 am (2) December 18, 2014 Snow 4-5 inches 7-22 to 7-23 am (3) December 18, 2014 Snow 4-5 inches 7-22 to 7-23 am (4)

I had to go into Topeka Thursday morning to go with my Mom to a doctors appointment for her knee that she was having trouble with. So I got to drive the new truck and in four wheel drive. Man I like that truck! It was kind of fun. Notice I said kind of! I am not as young as I used to be when I liked driving in the snow. And when the back end of the truck shifts, I get a little nervous. 🙂 And there seems to be a lot of crazy drivers now-a-days that have magic brakes. And I only needed the four wheel drive on the county roads. Once I got to the highway, it was pretty cleaned off. But I do like driving the new truck better than the old truck. Son had to go to work that day too. Neither of us had any trouble getting to Topeka. Well, Son left before I did and I guess he did get stuck in traffic because there was a few accidents along the way. The traffic was pretty clear when I got to that point.

Mom’s knee is okay for now. She got a shot of cortisone in it. They may have to do a laproscopy (I think that is what it is called) later on. She does have osteoarthritis and bone spurs that is causing the pain.

On Thursday afternoon it got just warm enough for the snow to melt a little. Just enough to refreeze overnight. Friday morning I told Son to be careful on his way to work, because it had froze overnight. Now Son does not always think the weather man, or I knows what we are talking about. I have lived in the country now on county roads for about 15 years. He has only lived on them about a year. And through one winter. He drives faster than he should on the gravel roads. On his way to work this morning, he got stuck at a stop sign, which does sit right at the top of a hill. He got through that finally and on to the next two roads. He called me and I just knew something was wrong. He had hit a slick spot on a downhill side of the road that goes to the highway, slid, spun and went through a barbed wire fence into a pasture. He was okay and said the sheriff was on his way. Hubby and I got some chains and put them in the old truck and headed over to where he was at. The sheriff was already there by the time we got there. We happen to know the people who owned this ground and knew who had built the fence. The same man built part of our fences when we first bought our place. Lets just say that these fences are built to last for about a hundred years. We only use five strands of wire on our fences. This owner likes six strands. Son went through the bottom four and UNDER the top two. How in the world he did that I don’t know. He has an Equinox, which is tall. Not like a truck, but close.  He also bent over two steel posts. Thankfully there were no cattle on there this time of year, and I think he may have been using it for hay ground. A tow truck came and got in through a gate and got back out with the car. They thought that it was still drivable but it was torn up a little. Hubby drove Son’s car home and I took him on to work. He said he wasn’t going over 30-35 mph. Which may have been too fast for that spot, but at least he was doing slower than usual. I would have gotten pictures of the fence, but I was to flustered to think about it at the time. Son was okay and that is what matters.

When I got back home we called our local mechanic to have him look at it to see just how drivable it may be. When Hubby got back with it, he said that a bolt was broke off under the radiator and he shouldn’t drive it until it was fixed. He also said that he would be surprised if they didn’t total it. And this is the vehicle I just put $1800 into getting the motor fixed! I am not a happy camper!!!!

Well anyway. That is my exciting week for this week. I hope the weekend will be a little calmer. But I doubt it. I have just refilled my depression medicine for a 90 day supply and now I can’t find where I put it. I always take it right to our medicine drawer. But for some reason this time I put it down somewhere and I can’t find it. My insurance won’t pay for any more until it is time for the others to be almost used up. I am not going into Christmas week in very good shape. But I am still trying to smile. Son is okay even if his car isn’t. 😀   😀   😀

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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