My Rant is ME!

In all fairness, as I often rant about my family, my rant tonight is ME. I had posted that my depression medicine was misplaced by me and I was out and couldn’t find it. Well, yesterday I finally figured out why I couldn’t find it.  I didn’t order it! Well, not the one that was stuck in my head. I am on four medicines. One for cholesterol, one for blood pressure, and two for my depression. One I take in the morning and the other I take at night to help me sleep and keep my mind from racing and going in several different directions at once.

I had ordered one of my other medicines and the depression medicine that I take at night. Every now and then my mind gets stuck on one thing and one thing only. This time it was my day time medicine. I just knew I had ordered it and knew I had brought it into the house. I had put the other medicine away as I always do (so I don’t misplace it) and couldn’t figure out why on earth I didn’t put both away. Which in reality I had. Both were where they needed to be. One in the cabinet and the other night time medicine on the sink so I would remember to take it at night.

I was needing to reorder one of my other medicines since it was getting low, and while I was looking online at my pharmacy; I noticed that the last time I had ordered my day time depression medicine was in September. I looked at it twice. September? DUH! Light bulb finally clicks on and I realize I have been stressing myself out for nothing. This one was all on me. I told Hubby what I had done and said I was losing my mind. I am not sure what he replied, but I gave him a look in which he turned and walked away.

Holidays are always stressful for me anyway and I was stressing over Christmas and my Mom who was pushing me to the brink anyway. I had gotten stuck on knowing I was going to be out of my day time depression and I needed it soon. I have been without it for about a week now, and I am needing to get back on it. I DID get it ordered yesterday with the other one I am needing and will pick it up tomorrow. WHEW! I am almost back on track now that I know I messed up and got it fixed now. There really is something to be said about stopping, taking a breath and think things through. I still haven’t learned to do that properly I guess. Anyway I can breathe a sigh of relief and know I will soon be back on my medicine. I will take it straight to the bathroom and put it where it belongs. I promise! 😀

Stay Safe and God Bless!


2 responses to “My Rant is ME!

  1. Oh, Cheryl, I hear you! The other day I couldn’t find my car keys and ran frantically all around the house. Then, as you said, I stopped, took a breath, and thought things through. Well, I remembered that I’d recently put my keys in a coat pocket, so I went to my closet and sure enough they were there! I agree with you: the holidays can be stressful. I guess we just have to stop, breath, and realize they’ll soon be over, LOL. 🙂

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