MEGA AWWWWW ALERT – Animal BFF photos!

Animals! If we would only look, listen and learn, we could be a much happier people!
Stay Safe and God Bless!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

After spending a lot of time alone in the same room of the owner’s house, a dog and a crow grew fond of each other.

The crow is almost always on the dog’s back, and the dog even barks

when people try to touch his pal. The owner built a custom harness for more comfortable rides.


A black swan feeding fish at a public park.


After a devastating forest fire, fire rescue ran out of crates for the animals saved from the blazes. This fawn and baby bobcat were placed together in the office. Hours later, firemen noticed they’d taken a liking to one another and cuddled for the duration they were kept together.


A duck and house cat raised together by a family. Supposedly the duck hates water and hasn’t

figured out yet that it can fly.


A wild life park in China adopted two tiger cubs, which were soon adopted by a worker’s…

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