I am finally getting a chance to get a post in.  I wanted to do an update on our vehicle situations. I had posted a while back in November 2014 that my car was waiting for a transmission, (https://chrllrobb.com/2014/12/10/car-trouble-and-more-trouble) and that Son had wrecked his Equinox and was waiting to hear from the insurance about fixing it or totaling it. (https://chrllrobb.com/2014/12/19/december-weather-2014) 

I finally got my car back sometime before Son’s accident. So I was back to driving him to and from work. I had almost forgotten how tired it makes me to do that and how much time out of my day it takes to do that. He had to work most days right up to Christmas Eve, off Christmas Day, then work again up to New Years Eve and New Years Day, and Friday following. He was supposed to be off Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was his birthday. I was glad as there was supposed to be a chance of freezing rain on Friday night and snow on Saturday.  Brian’s boss called him on Friday evening to see if he could work a few hours on Saturday morning and I started grumbling. I did say to tell his boss that I would try and get him there. His boss was in a pinch as one of the part time workers just quit and left them with no one to work except Son and his boss. Thankfully the freezing rain stayed south and didn’t get as far as our area or in Topeka even. The snow pretty much held off until Saturday night into Sunday morning. I was happy for that. We didn’t get as much snow as was predicted either. It was supposed to be 2-3 inches. I don’t think we even got an inch. But it was very windy and the snow was blown around. Not enough to make any drifts this time.

Son did finally hear from the insurance about the Equinox. They did total it, which wasn’t too much of a surprise. I prayed that God would work a miracle and at least pay off the loan for it. God does answer prayers! The insurance not only paid off the loan, there was enough left to give Son a check large enough to use as a down payment on something else. The bank said they would be able to give him a loan on something else when he found something. He was also off Monday and today. Monday we went up to Holton and talked to the local Ford company where we bought our new truck. He found a 2012 Ford Escape that was very clean and had only about 38,000 miles on it. It had been a rental vehicle, but was in very good shape. The loan came through, tags and taxes paid and he is now driving himself again. Halleluiah!!! He goes back to work tomorrow!

Another update is on the calf shed. It is still coming along. Hubby has gotten most of the tin siding on except the very front at the top and the west side. It has been good that we had it as far along as we did. It turned off cold and windy. The calves have been getting good use out of it. Especially since Hubby bought a big round bale of straw to put inside for a little softness and extra warmth. The horses and donkey have been brought back into the pen. They are not very happy.  They liked being out by the cedar tree stand that we run a hot wire around for the cows to have a place out of the wind in the winter. But the horses were keeping the cows off their bales of hay more than Hubby liked. And they were eating the mineral that was for the cows only. Bad horses! You would think I was starving them.

Well that’s pretty much it for this post. I had several things I wanted to post in December that I didn’t get around to. I will try and get them posted this month. If I can remember what most of them were about!  😀


December 6, 2014 Petting Jezzy (3) This is Jezzy the heifer that kicked me when I looked like the bad cow mugger. ( https://chrllrobb.com/2014/11/17/kansas-is-show…predictability) She likes me now.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

8 responses to “Updates….

  1. Thank you, I am ready for this year to be much better than last year. 🙂 Jezzy is pretty nice much of the time. At least for me. Hubby says she is pushy and mean. You just have to get to know her. And I was bundled up to the eye balls when she kicked me. 😀

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  2. Thank you. Hubby wants to sell her with a few others that need to be sold. I want to keep her. I get along better with her than he does. I kind of treat her as one of my horses. I am always petting her and doing rubs on her and teaching her not to be so pushy. She will have her first calf next year. I want to see how it turns out. I think she does get pushy around my husband. But she will come up and just lay her head on my thigh to be petted. That is only if I let her. Not a good thing I guess if she is sold. Oh well. Such is the life of cows. 🙂


  3. She is bad about coming into our space. I have just tried to teach her not to shake her had and act like she is going to charge. Or she will come up and butt the leg and try to move you. She does that with husband. She doesn’t do that to me so much any more. Sometimes when she is feeling good and wants to play, she forgets and has to be reminded. Husband is always telling me it is not a good thing to make pets of them. And he is right. It makes it hard to get them into a trailer or through a vet’s chute because they don’t think the waving arms and sticks are a menace. 🙂

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