It is so sad to know that people do these kinds of things. Especially to the elderly. Makes me mad. Go get a real job and earn your money honestly!


Much as I make light of the email con merchants I come across they do pose a real threat to certain  vulnerable sections of our society.  I shall keep making mention of those as they crop up but today there are some more I need to mention that are not coming via emails and are therefore hitting people directly in their own homes.

Mike returned from a trip to his father quite angry that he’d spent £180 over the telephone using a credit card with nothing to show for it. Worse still  because of his age he’s no memory of doing it. I know here is a scam out there that tells people they’ve won the Canadian lottery but there are fees to transfer it to an English bank account. I don’t know if that’s what’s happened here but if you have anyone in a vulnerable situation I suggest you speak…

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