Animals Can Be Costly!

But, I love them anyway. It has been an expensive last two months for our animals. It is almost like our vehicle problems of late. First, in late December, right before Christmas, Sandy was having some rear end problems. She was doing some heavy licking and she was a really bright pink. She was doing it so much she was panting by the time she would stop until the next time. She has never done this before. I called the vet and they looked at her and said that her anal sacs were very full. Sorry if this grosses anybody out. He took care of that, which poor Sandy didn’t like too well. The vet said that instead of dragging her rear on the ground and floor like most dogs do, the licking was her way of dealing with it. This was new to me. I knew dogs did the dragging for that reason, and the only reason I know that is because our dachshund, Sasha does it. And I also learned that because Sasha is heavy it makes matter worse. Like for me, I haven’t been doing too well in getting the weight off. Growing up I had always heard that a dog dragging their rear around meant they had worms. What did I know. Our vet straightened us out on that. So just an FYI, if your dog is dragging around than maybe you should have them checked out.

Anyway back to Sandy. After seeing the vet, she was a little better for a couple of days, but she started licking again. Not as badly, and she had a pink spot that had kind of split. Sorry again. I am trying to be as delicate as I can. So back to the vet we go. This time they gave her some medicine because she had some pressure from a swollen sac. And it is in pill form. I so hate pills for animals. I never have good luck getting them down them. And I hate trying to force it down their throats. Literally. So I tried giving it with cheese, or lunch meat and even a pill treat. The first two times went down okay. Well, the first time. The second time barely okay. The third; ha ha. Not at all. Nothing doing. I know what you are up to. There was about 17 pills total and she was supposed to take one twice a day until gone. There is 15 left. But the good thing is they must have worked after just two. She is pretty much back to normal and the sore healed up. Although I did see her dragging around my carpet the other day. Really?

Now Sasha some time after that had a small black growth coming up on top of her nose. She had one similar a few years ago above her right eye. The vet had removed that one with the suspicion of a tumor or something. I thought he said that it was not uncommon in dachshunds. But I am not sure on that. He removed it and was pretty sure it was benign. He would have sent it off to K-State if I wanted to be 100% sure, but it would be costly. We decided not to send it and was told to just keep an eye out for anything else. It has been, as I said several years. So off to the vet we go again. Hubby had to take her this time, because I think I had to take Son to work. This was still before he finally got his new car. The woman vet seen Sasha this time and just pinched it off. OW! She said it was just a wart of some type. A relief, but pinched it off? Poor Sasha. I felt better when Hubby said that Sasha didn’t mind too much. Okay another relief.

Sandy and Sasha chilling on my lap.   Sandy, Sasha on my lap

Now into January. Bear started throwing up and laying around and not feeling up to his usual exuberant self. On the third day in a row I decided that it probably wasn’t just something he ate. Although the second day I will not tell you what he ate and brought back up on Son’s bed. That didn’t help the matter. We took him in and the vet said he was running a bit of a fever, and his stomach was a bit extended. These two signs said that Bear had some sort of virus. So he gets some pills to take. He had to take one pill a day for five days. Now Bear doesn’t have as big a problem taking a pill with a yummy treat like Sandy does. Thank goodness. Especially when the treat is cottage cheese. I thought maybe I didn’t hear the vet right. So I asked and again he said to give him cottage cheese, or plain yogurt. He did stress PLAIN yogurt. Like in humans the yogurt and cottage cheese helps to regulate the system. As long as you don’t over do it. I also cut his food intake down a bit. Now he is looking for the cottage cheese even though he is done with the pills. And he is sooooo back to normal. I can hardly keep him still. I do think I will just give all the dogs some cottage cheese or yogurt about once a week. Just to be on the safe side.

Bear. This is a picture of him when we first got him about five years ago. He is quite a bit heavier now.  I don’t have a really good picture of him now.  Bear

And last but not least. My beautiful mustang, Lily is having trouble with her front feet. She is the other horse that has founder problems. I mentioned this in one of my other posts. (  But this time of year the grass should be pretty dormant, and they have had access to free choice hay. The only thing I could think of was that she got into some of the cattle’s mineral tub when they were all turned out together during some of the really cold days. I also just thought that maybe since the ground had been muddy before it froze, that she was just having a hard time navigating as all the horses are. Even the donkey was having a tough time. But then I seen her trying to walk on softer, smooth grass. It was painful to watch. I looked for some Phenylbutazone, Bute for short that I usually keep on hand. It is for pain in horses. I like the paste. But naturally I was out this time. So another call to the vet. I got her in on Thursday January 15. And of course that morning when I went out to get her, she saw the halter and didn’t have any problems running from me. Snot! But the Adrenalin wore off pretty fast and she was being ouchy again. It didn’t take long to catch her then. She did load well enough.

I am going to get a little off track here. I got to use the new truck to pull the trailer. This was my first time to get to try this. I was excited to see how it would do compared to the OLD OLD truck. but I was nervous to. And I got it hooked up all by myself on the first try! Well, kind of on the second try. I backed up to it and got out to see how close I was and how in line with the trailer hitch I was. We have a bumper pull trailer so I can’t see where it is going like I think you can on a goose neck trailer. We have never had a goose neck. Anyway I was just a tiny bit off center and about 5 or 6 inches from the hitch. I got back in the truck, adjusted the the direction and backed up, stopped and checked again. I was dead center! Woo Hoo! I was proud of myself. Now you might be thinking what is the big deal. You have cattle and horses and take them places. Well, if you would ever see me back a trailer, or  truck,  you would understand! 🙂

IMAG0410 IMAG0411

I did forget to mention that in between the dogs and Lily, two of our young cows had to go to the vet for what we think was foot rot. It is common in cattle I think. Hubby got to use the truck before me to take the first in and get a shot for pain, which I think was the Bute, and the anti biotic. The antibiotic comes in a huge syringe and has to go under the skin in several places because you cannot put all the medicine in at once. And it is a lot of medicine.  The second cow was limping on a Sunday so we called the vet and just picked up the medicine to have the joyous experience of giving the shots ourselves. It is a good thing that Greta, the second cow was a bottle calf when she was born. She was used to being petted and handled. But our chute and head gate is old and out of date. If she decided to be a royal pain and want out, she probably could. But we managed without too much drama.

Back to the truck, Hubby found out that the adapter that was given to us by Ford to hook up the trailer was not working right. Or so he thought. After talking to Ford, we think the wiring on the trailer is not right. So, I was driving without trailer brakes, or brake lights and not blinkers on the trailer.  But the truck drove and pulled brilliantly! And Hubby got off work early and showed up at the vets office. I think he just wante dto make sure I got there okay. And to see how Lily was doing.

And back to Lily. The vet didn’t quite rule out founder, but she thought with her neck and weight, she might have a problem. Lily had put on a bunch of weight all at once it seemed. The vet took some blood and ran a test on her thyroid. It came back normal. My instructions were to separate her from the others if possible and give her some hay and of course some PILLS. They were out of the paste of Bute and the other medicine, Isoxsuprine, was also in pill form. So I have to crush up 13 pills of the Isoxsuprine twice a day, and one of the Bute pills at least once a day. Two a day if necessary. I mix this with a handful of grain, and I added just enough molasses to make sure the crushed pills get eaten. The Isoxsuprine is to help open up the blood veins so there is better blood flow. I am to keep her separated for about five days. This morning and last night I though maybe she was walking a little better, but maybe just a touch still carefully. She is always looking for me when I come out. She likes that grain, and she licks up all the molasses. I had to arrange some round pen panels around so she could have some wind break from the north wind, and we parked the trailer to block the SW wind.

As of this evening, Lily was doing better. She really wants to get back in the pen with her buddies. Maybe tomorrow I will let her in for awhile and then put her back in her make shift pen.



Sorry this post was so long, but there was a lot I wanted to tell about. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

16 responses to “Animals Can Be Costly!

  1. Expenses, problems and breakdowns are non-stop it seems, especially on a little ranch. I am thankful to have grown up on a farm, knowing and expecting bumps in the road. Many people have the idea that they can just have all of these wonderful animals and implements and such… but all of it costs money to maintain and care for. It helps to know how to do your own repairs and doctoring. The more you have break downs or make trips to the vet, the more you learn and often times can do the repairs and doctoring yourself. It’s all part of the learning process. It sounds like you’re doing a great job!!

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  2. I don’t always pull Lily and Diamond off the grass when I am supposed to. I keep thinking that they are doing fine. Spring and fall is the worst time. I really kind of think that the mineral tub was the big culprit. Diamond pigged out on it and I think she is sore now. It took awhile to get her. She is a bigger and heavier horse than Lily. They are all in their pen and paddock area now. I will keep an eye on her. I am learning to see the subtle signs better. I don’t always pay attention to them. Like with Bear. He was showing signs of not feeling well, but I didn’t pay attention. I know I have too many animals and now that I am going to be 59, and the cold bothers me more and more, I really need to down size. I just have a fear of my horses going to the slaughter house if I sell them. My oldest mare is in her twenties. I know she could live another ten years or so. She has an old leg injury so I know she would probably wind being slaughtered. I will bury her here if I can. I do love my beasties and I will get along. Thank you for your response. 🙂


  3. Lily is doing better and now Diamond may be a little touchy on the feet. Not as bad as Lily. I gave her one of Lily’s Bute tabs. We’ll see tomorrow how well both are. The dogs are doing all fine now and the cows are feeling better and now I think I may need some chill pills! 😀


  4. Thank goodness that Bear is better now, it certainly eats away at the petty cash but so worth it and lovely that you feel that way too which is why I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award… however if you do not accept awards I have included a bouquet of flowers instead or you can have both.. Thank you for all the support for my blog.. Hugs

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  5. Good grief, you have had your share of animal troubles! When we had five cats, three dogs, 13 snakes, an iguana and another lizard, we were at the vet’s constantly. Never got out the door for less than $300. I do like my vet, though. And I learned how to inject an iguana – he came to like it because I stroked him for ten minutes to build up his endorphins. Then he just walked out of the cage to get his shot!
    Hopefully spring will bring animal health!

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  6. Thank you so much. I will accept the award and the flowers! I will have to check out the post late though. I have to go put a bale in the horse pen and maybe take my granddaughter to the doctor. She may have Strep. Another busy day on the horizon. Sigh. I will try and get back on later today or tonight. Take care and have a good week. Thank you again. 🙂

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  7. My granddaughter didn’t have Strep thankfully. But she was having problems with her ears. A name I cannot pronounce and I guess is something when you are in an airplane. They feel like they want to pop. I guess there was some kind of pressure there. They prescribed Sudafed. I never had good luck with that stuff, but I hope it will help her.

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  8. You must have the magic touch! I hate needles and have a really hard time trying to give them. My older mare had to have some pencillan shots once. She would run from me because I always left a lump on her. You are braver than I am to have snakes. I can’t stand snakes. They give me the heeby geebies. 🙂


  9. That is good news – Strep would have had serious effects on her immune system. If they have prescribed Sudafed then probably she has blocked sinuses causing the pressure in her ears. Not sure how old she is but steam might help or a menthol rub on her chest at night for children. Hope it clears soon – very unpleasant feeling. I am sure she is getting lots of hugs.. add one from me.

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  10. Thank you for the hugs for my granddaughter. She will appreciate it. She has had Strep, I should say Strep Throat before, but always gotten on medicine right away. It always goes around during the school year. When both of my children were in school it was always a possibility to get it. If the doctor even suspected it, he would put all of us on medicine to take care of it, and to be on the safe side. It would also help if my daughter would tell all of her many boyfriends not to smoke in the apartment. They both suffer from sinus and Bronchitis. But my daughter knows what she is doing. I will leave it at that.


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