It Has Been A Cold Day!

The last couple of days have not been too bad. About three or four days ago it was in the 70s. I like that, but not this time of year. It usually means we will pay for it. And we did today. It was still fairly decent on Friday and it was supposed to rain Friday night into Saturday, then turned to snow sometime before evening.  We have been fairly dry lately and needed the rain. My only fear was that it wouldn’t stay warm enough to be just rain. It did rain most all of Saturday morning and started to mix with snow before noon. By just after noon it was snowing. It was a light snow and did start to stick some. By this morning (Sunday) it was snowing a little heavier and the flakes were bigger than on Saturday. Hubby rousted me out of bed between 8 and 8:30am to go out and help him put out two bales of hay for the cows and one for the horses/donkey. Now I know most people are up by 8am. I am more of a night person I guess. I sometimes can’t sleep, so I stay up on the computer. Instead of blogging like I should have been, I was playing a game on the computer. I love puzzle games, and some Arcade games. I knew I shouldn’t have downloaded this puzzle game. I have one similar to it on my Nook HD+, and I am ADDICTED to it. I stayed up till well past midnight playing this silly game before I finally got so tired I couldn’t play.

Anyway, I got up and dressed and ready to go out. On Saturday the wind was blowing about 5-10 mph, I don’t think it was harder than that, out of the South. When I got outside today, it was blowing a bit harder and out of the NW. We did the bale for the horses first since they were by the house. I decided it was cold enough that I better put on my face mask and not just my knit hat and hood of my chore coat since I would be driving the ATV into the wind to go out to where the cows were. I am glad I did. The wind is getting stronger and the snow thicker and the temperature is dropping. Sure wait until we need to go out and do chores than freeze us to death! It was about thirty I think when we first went out. By the time we came back in, it was below freezing. By the time we were done my fingers were feeling very cold. The bales had about 2-3 inches of snow on top and around the sides. I wiped them off with my hands and my gloves were getting pretty wet. Even with glove liners my fingers were painfully cold. Makes it hard to grab the strings and pull them off of the bales after cutting them. And there are about 10-12 strings, or double wraps per bale. I guess it depends on the baler used. By the time we headed back to the house the wind and snow was stinging as it hits any bare skin. My glasses have fogged up and I can’t see too well. They were fine until I got into the wind break from the cedar trees where the cows are. At least they can get out of the wind. That is the best place they can be. The calves were all in the new shed and I am glad we could get it done. We just have a small bit of tin to put in the front at the very top.

I have decided that I need a new pair of winter work gloves. I think my old ones are pretty much useless in this bitter cold. The magic fix for worn out fingers is duct tape of course. I guess they are no longer water proof. They soaked through to the liner gloves I had on underneath and they got wet too. My birthday is this month; I guess I will tell Hubby to get me a new pair for my birthday present.


I could have worn my mittens. I did think about that, but it is really hard to grasp and pull bale string off with them. I have tried it before. But they are WARM! And I actually got them by trading some eggs for them. It was the best trade for eggs I have ever made. They are a little big, but they sure are warm. A friend of mine had bought them a little big to wear over some less warm gloves. I can’t remember why she didn’t want them, but she wanted to buy some eggs and wanted to know if I would trade her for them. I said I would. I think I got the better deal. I traded her about $15, or $17 worth of eggs. That was a few years ago, and they are still as warm as they were then.


I had opened up the chicken house and I seen one hen peeking out the little door and then disappeared back inside. I know she thought it was too cold too. And a snow drift was building up in front of the door anyway.  After we came in to get warm, the little dogs wanted out so I let them out the front door and seen the sun was trying to shine. It was a pretty blue to the south. It was strange because the wind was blowing and snow was still being driven around. Be sure to click on the picture to see it better.February 1, 2015 The sun is trying to shine during the wind and snow 11-59am (1)

This one is to the west of the south porch.

February 1, 2015 The sun is trying to shine during the wind and snow 11-59am (2)

This one is the east. February 1, 2015 The sun is trying to shine during the wind and snow 11-59am (3)

These pictures are taken in our bathroom of the east windows. The snow and ice was beginning to build up on the outside screens by about midday. I apologize for the dark around the windows. I tried to get it to lighten up, but nothing seemed to work. I thought there was plenty of light in there, but I guess not. We have two windows in the bathroom. One on the north side of the wall and one on the south. There is a space jutting out between the two. The one on the south was getting covered more than the one on the north.



I am ready for the wind to quit blowing at least. It is supposed to get lighter as the night goes on. I don’t think it is supposed to be very warm tomorrow, but I think the sun is supposed to shine. I hope so. That will at least help me to think warm. 🙂

Have a good night and a good week.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

19 responses to “It Has Been A Cold Day!

  1. It took me a while to find this post. I always get the swallows post from last year when I come to your site, and I feared you hadn’t been blogging, but now I realized I have to scroll down and look for your Recent Posts widget. I’m used to the newest post popping up. Anyway, now I’m here, brrr! That does look cold. And I do think you need some new gloves. I like the kind that are dipped in rubber, because they seem to last me longer. We were vacuuming out my hubby’s car in the garage, and it was cold! I needed gloves, too.

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  2. Even here in Oklahoma we are feeling colder than usual. That darned wind makes it even worse! The dark sky photo of the snow moving in looks horribly blustery! Keep warm… and don’t get out unless you have to!

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  3. Brrrr, I feel for you, and for all that have been hit by such a harsh winter. Looking at your photos’ reminded me of my youth. We lived on the plains of Northern Colorado where the Chinook winds came ravaging down from the front range. Snow could bite like blowing sand, and it would seem like it took forever to get warm once we were indoors.
    Stay safe, keep warm and know I’m sending you warm wishes. Bless the animals and all God’s creatures.

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  4. I am not sure why the Bird Nest post keeps coming up first. It says it is a sticky note on my list. I am not sure how it got marked that way. I will have to try and figure it out. I have been blogging and not getting the small things figured out. Sorry about that. If you have any ideas, please share. I am a bit slow in getting the mechanics of things figured out.


  5. It was blustery! I am not sure exactly how hard it was blowing, but I think I heard 20-30mph. It was very cold. We didn’t do much at all once the bales were out. Went out long enough to check the water tanks in the evening. Thankfully we didn’t have to fill them then. Nobody stirred much from their warm spots. I did have to fill the tanks the next morning. They were all nearly empty then.


  6. Thank you! I have been to Colorado, but in August. We have not been hit near as hard as the east coast. I do feel sorry for all of them. Hopefully we won’t get that much, and I pray that they will get relief soon. We are expecting another round of snow tomorrow (Wednesday). Maybe 2-3 inches. Some will melt today. It is supposed to get up into the 50s, but then drop down to the 20s. Nice and icy I am thinking. Hopefully not too bad.

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  7. I have been trying to find it. I can’t remember making it a sticky, but who knows. I do things and then can’t remember how I did it so I can undo it. I will keep looking. 🙂


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