What Happens To Your Online Presence When You Die?

Interesting topic. And a good idea.

K Morris - Poet

A firm of lawyers are recommending that people attach a list of their social media passwords to wills in order to make it easier for relatives to access them after the user dies. In this digital age when most people have some form of online presence the issue of what happens to accounts on the demise of the user is of growing significance. For all you bloggers out there (including myself) this article raises important albeit uncomfortable issues as few of us like to be reminded of our own mortality, (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2939685/Lawyers-urge-people-leave-social-media-details-including-Facebook-passwords-wills-alongside-family-heirlooms-savings-house-deeds.html).

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4 responses to “What Happens To Your Online Presence When You Die?

  1. I suppose it is really good information for hard core facebookers, twitter or any of the social media things. I have seen a few articles on this subject. Since I am always making hints that I will remember, than it would be a good idea.


  2. You are most welcome. I like to reblog for my readers, what I think is interesting. And especially the ones that are informative that I did not know about. Or knew enough about. 🙂


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