Well, I am felling better today. I am still kind of clogged up with some sinus and have been reduced to sneezing and blowing my nose A LOT. I am still coughing some, but I am feeling more functional. If our crazy Kansas weather could just make up its mind whether it wants to be cold, or spring like, it would be very helpful. I could at least adjust to what the temperatures would be if it would not change every day. Today it is very windy and out of the north. The temperatures are supposed to steadily drop throughout the day and we are supposed to get snow again tomorrow. Even though I was not feeling up to it, we still had to get out some bales of hay for the cattle, calves and the horses/donkey. At least we got all that done in the last couple of days before the wind got so strong. I can hear it beating around the house. The joys of country life. 🙂

It is not exactly how I would like to have celebrated Valentines, but since we have been married for going on 17 years this May, and we are 59 and 60, then I guess we can live with that. (I will be 59 this month and Hubby turned 60 in September) We got each other a card and went to Holton to get cattle stock and a mineral tub for the cows, and stopped at the brand new Casey’s Store that is having their Grand Opening. We spun for a free prize and I won a free slice of pizza and Hubby got a free cake doughnut. He picked chocolate.  He loves chocolate. Coffee was free all day I think and we had a good breakfast. I like pizza for breakfast. It was fresh and hot. And had bacon on it. It was very good. It was good to get out for a bit.

Last night I was not feeling quite up to getting on WP yet. So I decided I would get out one of my round looms. I don’t seem to have the dexterity, I think that is the word I am looking for, to use knitting needles. I like the round looms and can make scarves and hats. And I have made an afghan a few years ago.  I needed a new and warmer hat for outside so I felt like working on that while sitting in my chair with Sandy curled up next to me. She was even tolerant of the balls of yarn flopping around her as I was unwinding it while knitting. I finished the hat in a few hours. I am not sure how long it actually took. I wasn’t paying much attention. I think it was only a couple hours or less. But again not sure. I made it a little to long after the brim was done, but it will work. Then I started on a scarf to go with it. I am still working on it some today. I am not rushing to get it done.


IMAG0508   IMAG0511



I have a few more posts to write up, so I will work on them today and get them posted in the next few days. I don’t want to overload in one day. I promised Mrs P. at craftodyssey.com that I would get on a few crafty things in a post. So hopefully they will be next.  Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone!

Valentines Day Cats Valentines Day Dog Valentines Day Eyeore Valentines Day

Stay Safe and God Bless!


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