And I didn’t even have to go to Greece to eat it. And it was so good. Holton has an eating establishment called Boomer’s Bar and Grill. The owner used to run another good eating place there called Trails Cafe. It is good food, and a good atmosphere. Trails is still there, but I believe that the owner’s son took it over when he wanted to open Boomers. We like both places. Boomer’s owner, I am ashamed to say that I don’t know his name, is I believe from Greece. I think his first name is Pete. Boomer’s has been open for a few years now and about one or two years ago they started doing something called Greek Night. You have to put in a reservation ahead of time and prepay. They close early on these nights and then open for just the reserved spots. They try and do them about every six months.

Since my birthday was this past Saturday, Hubby wanted to do something special. It is kind of expensive, but oh my. There is a ton of food. And it was lots of fun trying all the dishes. Since it is a bar and grill, they have televisions all around the room for big games. Sometimes I think they even show some of the local school games. This night they were playing a video of a trip the owners had taken to Greece. It looks like a beautiful place. Lots of pretty flowers and shots of the sea. Or is it an ocean? I am not good with geography. Anyway here is the menu form that night. Sorry about the glare from my flash.


They had everybody’s name on the tables they were to sit at. There were several that were just two, and a few big groups sitting together. And of course they had two Greek wines you could try. A red and a white. I am not much of a drinker. And not much on wine unless it is a semi sweet wine. But we wanted to try a small glass between us. We tried the white wine and it was really pretty good. Not too dry and not too sweet. I would say it was not sweet at all. Hubby also had a beer. And I ended up ordering coffee before dessert.

The food was so very good. And we were so stuffed. We did, like so many others, had two to go boxes. There was no way we could eat everything. We did sample a couple of things before putting it in the boxes. And dessert was wonderful. The Greek pudding was delicious. And the Baklava was divine. And very sweet. Almost too sweet. The lamb was okay. I had tried lamb shank once and didn’t really care for it. This looked kind of like roast beef and had a good flavor. It came with a kind of sour cream sauce with a flavor that I am not sure how to describe. It went well with it. I didn’t really care for the tomato balls, which wasn’t really a ball, but kind of a patty. And I do not like cooked spinach, but the Greek Spinach pie was really good. We hope to do it again sometime. They also have an outdoor patio and they try and have it out there in good weather.

At the end the waitress came around with complimentary Greek drinks to show appreciation for coming to Greek Night. One was a mocha Kahlua? I am not sure what she called it now. And another clear drink that I definitely can’t remember what it is. We were so full we didn’t really want both. Hubby picked the clear drink. He took a sip and made a WOW face. I tried it and made and UGH face. I think I may have even stuck my tongue out. Hope nobody took a picture! 🙂  I don’t know what it was, but it had a KICK to it and tasted terrible. At least to me. Hubby polished it off. The glasses were just a little bigger than a normal shot glass. Maybe the size of two shot glasses. Amazingly he was still able to drive home. Safely. Now I feel like waddling to bed. Makes me feel full again just thinking about all that food.

Goodnight and:

Stay Safe and God Bless!


  1. The day of my birthday, we put out some bales of hay for the cows and horses in the snow, then went in and stayed warm until Hubby went back out to fill the water tanks. Just watched the snow fall and relaxed. The fun part was on Sunday eating Greek food. 🙂


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