Appalling people who won’t help kid in T-shirt in freezing New York

I have no words. Humans can be so cruel and full of themselves. And others…

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What is wrong with our country if after two hours of NO ONE responds to an obvious need of a child freezing in New York.

Well, there is a heart-warming end to this video project (which was acted and is not a real runaway), but the last person you’d you expect reaches out. Where is America’s heart?

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3 responses to “Appalling people who won’t help kid in T-shirt in freezing New York

  1. Just having been to NYC in the last year, I can see how people simply walk on by. There is much warning about tourists stopping to help con artists posing as victims or helpless folks down on their luck. I do think there is much to be said about those who have the experience of something, often being the people who can help others having known what it’s like. The experience brings understanding, which brings about compassion and love. This was an eye-opening video. Thanks for sharing.

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