Lily Is Upset With Me I Think

Hubby and I had some errands to run in Holton today so after we were done and on our way home we stopped by the vet’s office to check on Lily. I walked into the barn and up to the stall. Lily pricked her ears, but as I walked into the stall she slowly turned away from me. “Oh I am sorry Lily, don’t be like that.” I said. Her head turned away from me and to the wall. When I tried to pet her cheek, she turned her head further away and kept her eyes off me. Finally I just kept talking to her and started to scratch her ear. Finally her head slowly come back and leaned into my hand. I talked to her a little bit and told her I would be back soon to get her. I was sorry to leave her again. She looked at me sadly and I had to go.

The staff told me that all the first part of the medicine finally came yesterday, and the second part of the test came today. I hope I can find out something tomorrow. And maybe get to bring her home. She really needs to get her feet trimmed. My vet said something about having some pads put on her feet. He has a farrier that he works with. I know him and he has trimmed my horses in the past. I don’t know if he will get a hold of him or not. He really knows his stuff. He helped Diamond when she foundered for the first time.

My farrier will be leaving for Arizona early next week. He was supposed to trim all my horses about two or three weeks ago, but I was sick. We rescheduled for Friday February 27, but it was so terribly cold here. His fingers didn’t want to work well. So he told me he would call when he could come by and see if it would work for me. He called yesterday morning and wanted to know if 12:30 would work. I told him yes. I went out to catch, halter and tie up the horses about 12. I caught Two Socks first, she likes to play catch me if you can when she sees the halter.  Surprisingly about half way into the paddock and my second louder WHOA, she stopped and looked back at me like Okay. Got her tied up and went back for my gelding, Wrangler. He also likes to play Oh No you are not going to put that thing on my head. Surprisingly he stopped a few steps out and I got him tied up and went back to get Diamond. When I turned around to walk Diamond back I looked up and seen Wrangler had untied himself and was calmly pushing his head up and down to flip the loop over the post and walk away.He also knows how to unchain a gate if he thinks about it. That is why we keep a clip on the main gate to the pen.




Two Socks Diamonds Momma.


Diamond is being good.

Well that is my post for tonight. Hopefully I will have some news tomorrow about Lily. Goodnight.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

3 responses to “Lily Is Upset With Me I Think

  1. Thank you. It is just hard to see her hurting and not knowing for sure what the cause is. I do have a way of getting myself worked up over things. I actually thought it was kind of funny that she was acting human. 🙂


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