Kindness: Healing Hands for the Battle-Weary #kindness #inspirational #affirmations

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kind plato

Someone asked me yesterday, “Why are you so kind?”

“I’m kind because there are so many people hurting and worn out from their life.”

Being kind takes little effort on my part and it could be the lifeline for another. My smiling face may be the only glimmer of Light they see.

Look at the picture above. Now, really look at it. That man could use some kindness.

Are you facing a battle and don’t know if you can survive?

You will!

Are you tired and it’s only 8:30 am?

Have some water/coffee/pop and tell yourself you can make it!

Do you see someone in need of a hug?

Be kind and hug them!

Kindness is easy to doll out. You are healing the world one person at a time. 🙂

Be kind, for everyone you meet  is fighting a hard battle.


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