4 responses to “More Fire Pictures

  1. Frightening to look at, even if it was a controlled burn. The dogs are definitely, keenly aware! Animals are amazingly astute. No doubt they would work to alert you long before a fire alarm. They simply have a special capacity for alerting us to any perceived or real impending danger. All the more reason to know and love them as our best friends!

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  2. So true. Our cows and horses, even thought they have been around the burning of trash for years, will blow and snort and be very alert. We burn our trash in a burn barrel, but if the wind is just right, they get on edge.

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  3. Yes, it is pretty intense. The people who do this know what they are doing. I hope. They do this control burn about every two years or so. This fire I posted about, but couldn’t get all the pictures on. I guess I had used too much space. I had to delete some from my library to get these on. See my post It Is Burning Season Around Here for the first part. There is a video of the back fire being set. They started about 6:20pm and it burned into the night. The CRP land is used for hunting and no grazing except during drought seasons. It has to be burned about every two years to get rid of any dead undergrowth and cedar trees to help make a wildlife habitat. It is privately owned land. The fence line is only about an eighth of a mile from our house. Sorry I don’t know the equivalent to what you use for measuring. It is close with a fire. 🙂


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