The Queen’s Envoy

Another book to add to my want-to-read list. I’ll never get to them all! 😀


It occurs to me that on occasion I’m supposed to market my books and worse still promote myself. So, I shall make myself a Field Marshall which is about as promoted as I can get. That only leaves me to market the book.

Probably most people would market their first book, the one that started the whole series. I want to have a word about the second book in the series which in an effort to confuse is actually a prequel. It tells the story of the newly titled Lord David before he settled at home to become the unsung hero he actually is playing his part in village life.

In the early days of the Title , David also inherited a job.It didn’t matter that he was already employed as this new job had cachet and also came with an unread “You WILL do this”. And he would. The job…

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