4 responses to “Protective Yorkie Tucks In Baby | Petcha

  1. I couldn’t resist Debra. Sandy is half Yorkie, half miniature American Eskimo. I found it on Freekibble.com. It is full of fun facts about dogs and cats. And a lot of interesting pictures and videos. Also if you answer the trivia questions, whether right or wrong, they supposedly donate food for animals in shelters. I haven’t really checked into that thoroughly but I find a lot of interesting things there. 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh, what a canine combination! Never heard of that, 🙂 Yes, I get Freekibble in my morning email everyday. I’ve gotten so that I don’t even look at the questions, I just pick an answer, because I was making myself so uptight about trying to get the answers correct (talk about being anal, ha!). I think it’s a great site/donation!

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  3. Sometimes I get the right answer and sometimes I don’t get it right. And sometimes I do a lot of guessing. You are not anal Debra, you just want to be right. 🙂


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