Banner Creek Animal Hospital – Veterinarian In Holton, KS USA :: Newsletter

Banner Creek Animal Hospital – Veterinarian In Holton, KS USA :: Newsletter.

I know there are a lot of pet lovers out there and I received this email from my local veterinarian. I found it very interesting and informative. I feel I want to share it with anyone who in this case are dog owners. I am always worried about what is in our dog’s food. Our cats as well. I was not asked to share this article and I am not receiving any compensation to do so. I just want to share a good article about dog ingredients. I hope this help anyone wanting to understand what may or may not be in out pet foods. I will have to do some research into what Purina does in making their food. It is the brand we use most.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

12 responses to “Banner Creek Animal Hospital – Veterinarian In Holton, KS USA :: Newsletter

  1. Thank you for posting this. My vet sent out the same article. Quite informative. Our family lost a cat to tainted cat food that was ladened with the poisonous corn meal gluten shipments used in pet foods. I like to refer to it as , The China Poison. It killed so many of our countries beloved pets. Sadly, just reading a label is not enough. As pet owners we must continue to demand safer foods and more quality controls for our animals welfare.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this information, Cheryl. I did not know that many dogs are allergic to chicken! Charlie has some allergies and we feed him, usually — chicken! I’m always trying to figure out what’s the best source of nutrition for him and for the cats. So I really appreciate getting to read this article. 🙂 Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  3. I am so sorry for your loss of your cat. That is why I don’t buy any food products from China. For my pets or ourselves. At least I pray I am not buying any unknown. But unfortunately even some of our food products are tainted as well.

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  4. I am glad I posted it. Maybe that could be a source of Charlie’s seizures? Might be something to check into. Have a great weekend Debra.
    You are in Indiana right? I was seeing the news of the tornado in Illinois this morning. Hope you are safe.


  5. They are! From Monsanto, China, and places and corporations unknown. Our future now lays with the reality that we have altered Mother Nature, and our redemption is to unlock the mystery of our cure.

    Food products and chemicals can, and, have been banned from China, unfortunately they still find entry into our country thru the exports of countries we still do business with. They are simply rebranded. If our Congressional Leaders and the corporate tycoons, that lobby them into office, had brains larger than their wallets, they would, and could affect change. But change does not come from higher up, it comes from us. We are the ones that must work to make the change. Buy local. Support co-ops and when possible, grow organic gardens.

    So much pressure was placed upon PetsMart, that they no longer carry pet treats from China. I’d like to think that has heralded other large distributors to change their thinking, but only time will tell.

    Again, thank you so much for taking the time to post that article!

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  6. I have found dog treats in our local Walmart that say product of China. Whether it is the package made in China or the food I don’t know. Probably both. So I put it back and mumbled MADE IN CHINA! PFFT! I guess I will have to try and make my own treats and maybe even food for my pets. I even worry about my feed for my horses. I have heard some things about Monsanto, but have never checked anything out about them. Maybe I should. I will keep an eye out for more pet food info and get them posted.

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  7. I was ignorant to all things, Monsanto, until I did recipe testing for Peter Reinhart. The more involved I became with other testers, learning about processes, techniques and the importance of using quality ingredients, the more I learned. Organic does not always mean, truly organic, and it won’t until our legislators wake up from their coma. The regulations in place still allow that term to be used in flagrant violation. We, the consumer can quantify what is, or isn’t, but we must educate ourselves and others.

    Genetically modified food (GMO) is one of the hottest arguments ongoing in the scientific communities. Monsanto is at the helm of the debate, FOR, and need, FOR, that it is frightening! Think back to the debate of whether or not green house gases were linked to, and responsible for climate change. Everyone with money in the game played their hand, and held their cards close. Look where we are, years later. Droughts, extreme snow mass, flooding and now, the shifting air currents drawing tornado activity into areas unknown to have experienced known ravages in the past and sea levels rising, that will cause extinction of areas such as Vanuatu, as the ice caps melt.

    There are many that will herald in the ability to modify food sources, arguing that a pest resistant and more robust crop product will save an ever growing global community. They never discuss what that altered crop does to the beneficial Eco-system that has sustained us for generations. Mutations of our insect world cannot keep time with the advances made in a chemical laboratory. What took thousands or millions of years to create a balance in our environment, has been weakened and threatened.
    Our declining bee population is just one of many examples.

    I had to laugh when you told your story of the package of treats in Walmart. “Pfft”, you remind me of myself. Whenever I am shopping for anything and I find out it was produced in China, I literally say, out loud, “Made in China? Ain’t no way I want this!” … And I return it to the shelf.

    Have yourself a great weekend. Thank you for listening to my rant.

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  8. No problem about your rant. I get on them now and then too. I pretty much agree with the rant. I do know the name of Monsanto and know it is not all it is cracked up to be. Or however the term goes. I just haven’t done enough research into them. The government knows what they are doing, but the farmers that have been planting and growing for centuries do not. That’s what it boils down to.

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  9. Sadly, you hit that nail on the head. Congress is absolutely clueless and corporations lobby to gain even more ground, literally. It saddens me, having been raised amongst the wheat, corn and alfalfa fields of Colorado. There is no harder worker than the American farmer; generations have handed down their land with the hope and dream that they can keep the homestead alive and well. Greed and power are the menacing wolf upon their doorstep. Truly sad.

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