8 Things You Should Know About GMOs – Spry Living

8 Things You Should Know About GMOs – Spry Living.

I have to blog this and let everyone who is interested read it and decide what they think about GMOs. I was chatting with another blogger about pet foods and how some are dangerous and sometimes deadly for our pets. The conversation led to Monsanto and GMOs. I am posting this simply as some information and I am not all for or against GMOs at this moment. I still need to do more research. I don’t especially approve of messing with a good thing and creating more super bugs and no way of controlling them. And I don’t always approve of using poisonous chemicals in our crop grounds to kill weeds and then grow food out of the same ground. We live on a farm and have crop ground that we do shares on with a local farmer, and I realize that we need to control weeds and bugs is some way. Surely in this advanced age of technology we could figure a safer and more effective way of doing things. This is for information purposes only.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

4 responses to “8 Things You Should Know About GMOs – Spry Living

  1. Thank you for posting this article. I agree, it is a hotly contested argument both for, and against. My greatest concerns lay with the unknown consequences, the lack of transparency, and relying upon Congress and lobbying efforts by large agricultural conglomerates for full disclosure(s).

    It is imperative that the Global community address the mass nutritional deficits paramount among all nations. Time is of the essence; the need has never been greater. I would encourage an open dialog involving the scientific community throughout the world, engaged in ALL aspects of food production. If we alter what has coexisted in its natural state, affecting not only a cross-pollination, but an annihilation of the very insect/animal habitat in the process, then we have defeated the very intentions we set out to fundamentally address.

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  2. Funny how life works…BTW, I certainly don’t want to come off as one of those fringe folks, nor do I want to suggest that I know any answers. I’m elated you wrote that post. We need feedback from all sides. I appreciate and share in your concerns.

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  3. No, I agree. I’ve enjoyed reading your responses. What you said about Congress it more than true. They are just looking out for themselves by sucking up to the ones that can line their pockets and the heck with the rest of the American people.

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