I Am NOT Perfect….

But I am praying for the World…

Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, disasters of all kinds. Terrorists who think they are better than everyone else. Governments gone crazy, or just stupid. So called human beings torturing and abusing women, children and animals and each other.  Evil is becoming the norm. Or at least trying to. God is speaking to all of us and only a handful are listening. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand why evil still has a ruling hand. I sometimes ask God why He even allowed evil to make a stand at all.

A young man who lived in my home town of Topeka plots to set off a bomb at Fort Riley in Manhattan, Kansas.  He grew up in Topeka then decides he hates America. People of all ages in other states and around the world are doing the same thing and wanting to join ISIS of all things.

The Illinois tornadoes brought back memories of my experience in the June 8, 1966 tornado in Topeka, Kansas. 

And then this morning I hear a news story on our local news channel of a mother in Philadelphia, that left her severely handicapped son out in a wooded area with just a blanket and his Bible, and then went to another state to see her boyfriend.

I am a born again Christian, but I am not a perfect person. I struggle with understanding why things are as they are. I am not a preacher and don’t especially want to be. I am not very good at reading my Bible as I should and I don’t know all the answers. I do know and believe God is in control. I believe Jesus died for my sins and I will go to Heaven to meet Him some day. Then maybe,  no,  I will know the answers to why things are as they are.  These things listed in my post is just a drop in the bucket. I don’t know why I am getting on my soap box, but something about this morning’s story about the mother just hit me different I guess. I felt I needed to make a post about this. I can be mean and nasty and I get sooooo very MAD at my kids sometimes. But I can only hope and pray that I would never be so stupid, cruel or uncaring as to do what this mother did. I hope and pray that no one in my family, or friend’s families would ever be so stupid or hateful as to want to join the likes of ISIS. Or be cruel and evil to other humans or animals.

I guess maybe God wants me to do a little preaching and try and reach someone for Him. I don’t know. I really do pray for the whole world, including my readers and followers. I pray for their happiness, successes and whatever else is good for their lives. I hope I don’t lose anyone over this post. If I do, then so be it. I love you all as God loves us all. He wants the very best for us and maybe that is why He lets the world go on until everyone turns to Him and Jesus so they can be in Heaven with them.  But it will end at sometime. No one but God knows when. Not even Jesus knows the final dead line. Whatever your beliefs are, please think about it. Think about how the world is today and what it may be like tomorrow.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

9 responses to “I Am NOT Perfect….

  1. So timely written for me. Thank you, and, “Yes, God brought you into my world today with His message.”

    I spent yesterday afternoon with my Father-in-Law. After lunch we lingered and he started asking my opinion and I started asking his. Funny, my husband and his mother threw their hands in the air and got up and left the table. And when I say, funny, I do mean it! Dad and I were discussing the Middle East, President Obama and what we might see happen within the next five years. Granted, both of us are purely speculating, but we’re putting the pieces on the table as only a human being can. Only God knows the hour, and His plan.

    I had concerns about Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Turkey is a democracy, if my understanding is correct. And, if what I have garnered from news reports, their border is open for crossing into Syria. I understand them to have an excellent, trained military and I know they allowed use of, I believe it was four air bases, for our missions into Iraq. They DID NOT send their forces, they allowed use of strategic resources (airfields).

    Saudis Arabia is also known to have a mighty Air Force. What I asked dad was, “Do you think they are simply waiting for the others to annihilate each other and then they will step in and gain territory?” Again, I am only going on speculation deduced by media reports. No one, that I am aware of, has said anything to confirm this. (Pretend that I am playing the board game Risk, and this is my from my perspective.)

    Dad then joined in with his thoughts. His concern is for Israel, and his belief, and mine too, that Iran already has a nuclear weapon. Yes, it’s true, John Kerry and Mr. President, we two ‘hicks from the sticks, ain’t buying that cart of manure that says otherwise’.

    So here is our concern: Who stands with Israel? Dad and I do. We known they are, “The Chosen People.” And, we understand that things are revealing themselves that were prophesied within, The Bible.


    Last week, out of nowhere I came to a decision that surprised me. I live in Texas, our State Constitution allows the Death Penalty. I’m not here to ask if anyone is for, or against that. I believe God has given each of us our understanding and we are to proclaim and defend it as He has unveiled it to us.
    Now, back to where I really was when the light bulb lit my brain up last week.
    When the verdict was read on the Boston Bomber, it drew an energy from me that I literally found myself shouting, “Yes!” It also had me concluding that the death penalty should be exercised. (My opinion, I’ll respect if you disagree.) Here is how I came to my conclusion, and yes, I have drawn a line in the sand and I have chosen not to re-evaluate this further. Open. Shut. Finite.
    It has been said that to give this young man the death penalty is to give those who follow like beliefs; martyrdom. I obviously don’t agree with his beliefs and therefore ask if you might consider this thought:

    ISIS, or any like-minded group that sends delivery of bombing instruments into the streets, the malls, the restaurants, whenever, does not respect human life. But we live in a country that does. If we put down this man, why should we care about a radical belief system that is aberrant even to that of the Muslim population that sees these fringe groups as radicals, spewing hatred that they themselves are opposed to? Why can’t we hold the bomber accountable by our belief, the one that says it is wrong to kill an innocent person or persons and punishment will be dispensed equally no matter what race, creed or color you are?
    When did it become important to spare a killers life because of his belief?
    It hasn’t, not from where I stand. Nor will it ever.

    thank you for allowing me to rant, Sweetie.

    Enjoy a great week!

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  2. Oh you bring up so many points that I wish I could debate on sensibly. I get caught up on things and then get to babbling. I know what I want to say, but can’t get it to come out right or without offending someone. I don’t always have the right facts and don’t like to come off as a know-it- all. As you say, here goes. I believe also that Israel is the chosen people. God has said so. You go messing with Israel, you are REALLY messing with God’s favorite people. And here is probably where my facts can be not quite right. I think I probably read it in a book. Probably Left Behind. But it makes sense. When everyone is starting to gang up on Israel, then things are very close to be toward the end. Like starting the seven year reign of the anti-christ and then the end of the world as we know it. I am of course paraphrasing, and I definitely do not want to prophesy because as I said, only God knows when he will decide when it is enough.
    As for the death penalty, I am torn on the matter. I do think that death is a deserved sentence for a lot of crimes. Especially for terrorism. Now my stand on the death penalty is, if you get the death penalty , you have now rights to appeal and the sentence should be carried out no later than a month or two. Now my reasoning, and this probably makes no sense to anyone else, is that I do believe with all my heart that the perpetrator should have the time to think about what they have done and have a chance to repent and ask God for forgiveness, ask Jesus to come into their hearts and save them. Jesus is the ONLY way they can get to heaven, be at peace and be happy forever. If it is meant for them to be let out before their execution, God will make it so. Now I know that a set time frame is not our choice to make, but it is not fair for us to be feeding and taking care of everyone in prison that is taking advantage of it the free ride. Our prisons systems, court systems and laws are broken. They are set up for the criminal and not the victims. They have no affect. Prisoners have more rights than most honest citizens. They still rape, kill, run drug cartels and assassinations from inside prison. They should not have special treatment, be allowed cell phones computers or any outside contact unless they earned it. Books would be a great thing. Especially the Bible. Feed them well, but not anything better than what normal people could buy with a paycheck they worked for. I truly think the chain gangs ought to be brought back. I am not for unnecessary brutality and abuse. They should be treated humanely and given some privileges they worked for.
    Everyone has a right to believe what they want. But they don’t have the right to force that belief on others and expect everyone to follow that belief. Use common sense. Present your belief and let people make their own decision on what to believe in and what to follow. God gave the right to decide to us. Most religions are peaceful. It is the truly evil humans who want to force others to their ways so they can be feel macho or whatever it is they want to feel. It is the same with all ways of life, and the way people want to live. There is no reason why we cannot all live peaceably just because we don’t see eye to eye. There should be no special laws or rights for any one person who thinks they are better than another. If someone doesn’t like you, or you don’t like that person, stay away from them. Get along or find someone else to get along with. But be nice no matter what. Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you want to kill, you are asking to be killed. Think about that.
    Okay I think I have used up my time on the soap box. Thank you for letting me rant. Have a great week. 🙂

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  3. We must learn to appreciate ourselves. Getting ramped up and communicating how we feel is not something to be fearful or ashamed of…while writing, we sort and sift thru our thoughts trying our best to present why we feel the way that we do. I think we are sensitive to others, while true to ourselves.

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  4. Thank you for your words. I kind of grew up not knowing how to be confident. Or getting help from immediate family on how to be. It was usually her way or not at all sort of thing. I like to think that blogging is helping me with that some. I have talked to several followers like you that I would call friends. And of course my husband has been there for me and with me. 🙂

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