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So much good advice on WP today. I have to reblog this one too. Have a great week everybody. 🙂

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Are you proud of the work you do?

It’s a simple question but it hold a lot of weight. I have had my fair share of jobs as I started working at fifteen. While I was in school, they were part-time jobs in retail. It didn’t pay much but I worked hard. I gave it my all and took pride in my work.

Work ethic seems to have skipped a generation these days. There are many people who don’t care about their work. It’s a shame because no matter what the job is, employees can make it better or worse.

Every week, when I am shopping at the grocery store, I notice a young man stocking the shelves. He is meticulous in his work and I can tell he takes pride in it. He makes sure the products are dusted and under the right label. He smiles at me and the…

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