K is for Key

I found this to be a helpful post. I don’t think I am very influential, and definitely not constant. And I have never strived to have THE BLOG, but I like to talk and I like to share what my life is like. I like to talk about my animals. A lot of people don’t like to listen. I do have a way of droning on and on. Blogging has been an avenue of saying what I want to say and letting people decide what they want to read. Or not read. I do the same thing. I have many great followers, people who like and readers. I don’t always get to correspond with all of them, but I am thankful for them all. I have been nominated a few times for awards. I have responded to some and others I have simply forgotten to get back to. I have a terrible memory when I get distracted. And I am distracted a lot. It is a surprise, joy and happy feeling to get nominated for a post/posts. I come from a back ground where I don’t get very many compliments, so my likes and awards are a true and humbling experience. They make me happy. Thank you all and I hope this helps all of you. New bloggers and long time bloggers.
Stay Safe and God Bless!

What is the key to writing a successful blog? I had a comment on my Priorities post of Saturday which asked, Why do good bloggers always contemplate leaving.. (thank you Celona’s Blog). The truth is, I’m not really sure what it is that makes a “good blogger”.

Although one might argue that a blog is made up of its content, I don’t believe that’s all it is. I think it’s the amount of caring that goes into it. The grammar and spelling could be fair rather than excellent, the photos could be mediocre instead of professional, and the artwork may be less than fantastic, but if there is an abundance of passion, knowledge and love for whatever it is that a blogger does, others can see it.

The secret to producing a great blog is also the communication that goes on between the blogger and his or her audience…

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7 responses to “K is for Key

  1. There are thousands of blogs, so many wonderful writers, yourself included, and what keeps me coming back is the give and take, the dialog between the author and their audience. Add to that, the comfort of the regular readers to interact between the writers audience and the author dancing back and forth within that dialog.


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  2. It would be our first fight….seeing whose house we went to:
    “No, please, you come over here.”
    …”No, I insist, you come over here.”
    See, we would probably already be soaked. We’ll just stay outside, but stand clear of trees and metal objects.

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